This is a science fiction library.
Not a literature but a television library.
I can't show properly a television show on the web, but I can describe it, and talk about its story, for example.
There is some more I can try, and I will do my best.
This site was born in italian language: Italy is a very difficult country for TV science fiction, and I made a huge effort to be noticed.
I discovered that a large number of visitors translated my work, and I knew that in english language countries science fiction is more appreciated.
So I decided to try an english version. Since now I beg your pardon if my english will not be particularly brilliant.
There's an original idea I had to obtain a very unique site of this genre, and you will discover soon. So far it has been quite successful...
So, go ahead and enjoy!









If you appreciate science fiction as much as I do, you will be sure to enjoy this website.  
If the thought of watching a television show about time travel or space crafts or even about a future colony established under water through the use of specialized water filters interests you, you will most likely enjoy science fiction.  
Please enjoy looking around this site as we share in an interest of science fiction and the worlds it creates.