Let's go on with Supermarionations. We have seen "Thunderbirds", the most important.
Back to a chronological order, it should be "Supercar"'s turn. But I have also just made the "Doctor Who" episodes in black and white, so there would have been too much black and white and I preferred something... colored.
And the first Gerry Anderson serie in color was "Stingray".
An underwater story was necessary for variation, because there had already been a space serie, "Fireball".
All became more difficult, and color was a further problem. It was necessary to sell in countries with color transmissions, but other countries (like Great Britain) were still on black and white, so every color had to be well-considered because it had to work in black and white and color as well.
The serie is just previous to "Thunderbirds", and puppets are anyway less caricatural than in previous shows. Troy's face is inspired by actor James Garner.
In this Christmas episode, Troy takes care of an orphan who wishes to become an aquanaut as his father was. Proud to be so admired, Troy exagerates a bit when telling his adventures... but when facing a critical situation, to save the day Troy will be forced to really do what he had only told...
P.S. due to the very short story, I have also made a "Captain Scarlet" comic which has its own page.

WARNING: to read the comic you need Acrobat Reader.



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