As I said in my premise, I am starting with “U.F.O.”, which gave me the inspiration, then I will go on with other shows.
I assumed that maybe someone could not know this serie, so I have choosen this episode which can summarize the subject even more than the pilot episode (in fact, this is the second episode in production order).
The interesting thing is that in this episode SHADO’s men are facing a particularly resistant UFO, and so they are forced to use all their means and vehicles to stop it: first of all in space, then in the sky, finally on ground… in a triumph of special effects and futurible vehicles.
Anyway, although action sequences seem to steal the scene to all the rest, there is also some story: what caused the error made by Lt. Ellis, which provoked an astronaut’s death? Commander Straker absolutely wants to discover it, using cold and logic computers analysis… On the contrary, his number two colonel Freeman doesn’t trust machines and prefers his feelings and human comprehension. Surprise in the finale.

WARNING: to read the comic you need Acrobat Reader.



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