Production: USA, 1997-2007

Cast: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Don S. Davis, Cristopher Judge, Teryl Rothery, Vaitiare Bandera, Brent Stait, Alexis Cruz.

Some series result in average movies punished by audience (like “The Avengers” or “Thunderbirds”). And sometimes blockbuster movies resulted in series with poor ratings (like “Robocop”).
In this case we have a not particularly memorable movie
(“Stargate”) which made it in a very successful serie, by any point of view: ten seasons, more than “X-files” or any “Star Trek” spin-off, and also a spin-off of its own, “Stargate: Atlantis”.
By first we have to recall the Roland Emmerich movie’s story: archaeological researches in Egypt discover an ancient manufact, the “Stargate”, which allows, once its combination has been decodified, to transfer to another point of universe.
A military party is sent, under colonel Jack O’Neill’s (Kurt Russell) command, with the help of young Egyptologist Daniel Jackson (James Spader), and they discover a race called “Jaffa”, who are dominated by other beings sent by Ra, who was probably considered as a god by ancient Egyptians (and once again comes out the link Egyptians-aliens), and proves to be a potential danger for

The series begins where the movie ended: colonel O’Neill returned back on Earth with his men after defeating the aliens while Daniel Jackson remained on alien planet Abydos, fallen in love with Sha’re, a young woman living there. Obviously there is a different cast: colonel O’Neill is Richard Dean Anderson (who had become very popular with the series “McGyver”), while Michael Shanks is Daniel Jackson. Funny thing, an actor from the movie cast has survived: Alexis Cruz, who has still the part of Skaara, a young Jaffa.
Other characters are captain Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) and Alien warrior Teal’C (Cristopher Judge).
In the first episode the Stargate is abandoned, never used again for a long time, when suddenly alien soldiers come out of it, killing all the guards and kidnapping
a woman.
Colonel O’Neill is called back on duty again and two teams are made, the SG-1 and SG-2, sent through the Stargate investigate.
Back on the planet, O’Neill finds Daniel Jackson, whose wife Sha’re has been too kidnapped together with other women. They discover that the Stargate can be used to reach any destination by just changing the combination, and that the attack did not come from Abydos.
The kidnappers’ purpose was to find an host to create a symbiosis with their queen: Goa’uld are a race of symbiotic worms which need a host. While the human woman is rejected and killed, the queen chooses Sha’re’s body, and she becomes the Goa’uld new queen.
The two teams escape from extermination by aliens thanks also to the alien

guards leader, Teal’C, who escapes on Earth too and becomes a precious ally.
It’s the beginning of a long war against the Goa’uld, who won’t be the only enemies during the series: using the Stargate other planets will be explored and new alien races will prove to be hostile.
At the end of the fourth season Daniel Jackson dies, but thanks to Oma Desala, a spiritual being descending from the ancient Stargate’s manufacturers, he ascends to a superior level of existence.
Daniel Jackson comes back in the seventh season, after the ascension experience he joins again the SG-1.
From the ninth series there are cast changes: colonel O’Neill, promoted to general, now works for World Security, and at his place there is colonel Cameron Mitchell (Ben Bowder), while Stargate base is under command of general Hank Landry

(Beau Bridges).
There are also Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black), an alien female warrior who joins the humans, and Gerak (Louis Gossett jr.), a Jaffa leader raised to power, and this complicates relationships between his race and humans.
Also two TV movies were made.

214 episodes, color, 60’ 
2 TV movies

First season

1)   Children of the Gods – Part I 

2)   Children of the Gods – Part II   
3)   The Enemy Within
4)   Emancipation
5)   The Broca Divide
6)   The First Commandment
7)   Cold Lazarus
8)   The Nox
9)   Brief Candle
10) Thor's Hammer
11) The Torment of Tantalus
12) Bloodlines

13) Fire and Water
14) Hathor
15) Singularity
16) Cor-Ai
17) Enigma
18) Solitudes
19) Tin Man
20) There But For the Grace of God
21) Politics
22) Within the Serpent's Grasp

Second season

23) The Serpent's Lair
24) In the Line of Duty
25) Prisoners
26) The Gamekeeper
27) Need
28) Thor's Chariot
29) Message in a Bottle
30) Family
31) Secrets

32) Bane
33) The Tok'ra – part I
34) The Tok'ra
35) Spirits
36) Touchstone
37) The Fifth Race
38) A Matter of Time
39) Holiday
40) Serpent's Song
41) One False Step
42) Show and Tell

43) 1969
44) Out of Mind

Third season

45) Into the Fire
46) Seth
47) Fair Game
48) Legacy
49) Learning Curve
50) Point of View

51) Deadman Switch
52) Demons
53) Rules of Engagement
54) Forever in a Day
55) Past and Present
56) Jolinar's Memories
57) The Devil You Know
58) Foothold
59) Pretense
60) Urgo
61) A Hundred Days

62) Shades of Grey
63) New Ground
64) Maternal Instinct
65) Crystal Skull
66) Nemesis

Fourth season

67) Small Victories
68) The Other Side
69) Upgrades

70) Crossroads
71) Divide and Conquer
72) Window of Opportunity
73) Watergate
74) The First Ones
75) Scorched Earth
76) Beneath the Surface
77) Point of No Return
78) Tangent
79) The Curse
80) The Serpent's Venom

81) Chain Reaction
82) 2010
83) Absolute Power
84) The Light
85) Prodigy
86) Entity
87) Double Jeopardy
88) Exodus

Fifth season

89) Enemies
90) Threshold
91) Ascension
92) The Fifth Man
93) Red Sky
94) Rite of Passage
95) Beast of Burden
96) The Tomb
97) Between Two Fires
98) 2001
99) Desperate Measures

100) Wormhole X-Treme!
101) Proving Ground
102) 48 Hours
103) Summit
104) Last Stand
105) Fail Safe
106) The Warrior
107) Menace
108) The Sentinel
109) Meridian
110) Revelations

Sesta serie

111) Redemption – Part I
112) Redemption – Part II
113) Descent
114) Frozen
115) Nightwalkers
116) Abyss
117) Shadow Play
118) The Other Guys

119) Allegiance
120) Cure
121) Prometheus
122) Unnatural Selection
123) Sight Unseen
124) Smoke & Mirrors
125) Paradise Lost
126) Metamorphosis
127) Disclosure
128) Forsaken
129) The Changeling

130) Memento
131) Prophecy
132) Full Circle

Settima serie

133) Fallen
134) Homecoming
135) Fragile Balance
136) Orpheus
137) Revisions

138) Lifeboat
139) Enemy Mine
140) Space Race
141) Avenger 2.0
142) Birthright
143) Evolution – Part I  
144) Evolution – Part II  
145) Grace
146) Fallout
147) Chimera
148) Death Knell

149) Heroes – Part I
150) Heroes – Part II
151) Resurrection
152) Inauguration
153) Lost City – Part I
154) Lost City – Part II

Eighth season

155) New Order – Part I
156) New Order – Part II

157) Lockdown
158) Zero Hour
159) Icon
160) Avatar
161) Affinity
162) Covenant
163) Sacrifices
164) Endgame
165) Gemini
166) Prometheus Unbound
167) It's Good To Be King

168) Full Alert
169) Citizen Joe
170) Reckoning – Part I
171) Reckoning – Part II
172) Threads
173) Moebius – Part I
174) Moebius – Part II

Ninth season

175) Avalon - Part I

176) Avalon – Part II
177) Origin
178) The Ties That Bind
179) The Powers That Be
180) Beachhead
181) Ex Deus Machina
182) Babylon
183) Prototype
184) The Fourth Horseman – Part I
185) The Fourth Horseman – Part II
186) Collateral Damage

187) Ripple Effect
188) Stronghold
189) Ethon
190) Off the Grid
191) The Scourge
192) Arthur's Mantle
193) Crusade
194) Camelot

Tenth season

195) Flesh and Blood
196) Morpheus
197) The Pegasus Project
198) Insiders
199) Uninvited
200) 200 (id.)
201) Counterstrike
202) Memento Mori
203) Company of Thieves
204) The Quest – Part I
205) The Quest – Part II

200) 200
201) Counterstrike
202) Memento Mori
203) Company of Thieves
204) The Quest – Part I
205) The Quest – Part II
206) Line in the Sand
207) The Road Not Taken
208) The Shroud
209) Bounty
210) Bad Guys

211) Talion
212) Family Ties
213) Dominion
214) Unending

TV Movies

1) The Ark of Truth


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