Stan Winston had too a famous “son”, and this time we are talking about “Terminator”.
He did not create anything new in special effects techniques, but anyway was considered as one of the best technicians in his specialty.
To prove it, we could say that when Steven Spielberg was about to film “Jurassic park” he had thought to hire Winston to build “all” the dinosaurs, life size and working (as also Carlo Rambaldi would have done). It was a real huge task, which was then reduced by use of computer graphics (anyway Winston built some “real” dinosaurs for some shots where they would have been more convincing than digital ones). This can give an idea of Stan Winston’s high reputation in science fiction cinema’s world.


1982: The thing
1983: Manimal (TV)
1984: Terminator
1984: Starman
1986: Aliens
1987: Predator
1987: The monster squad
1989: Leviathan
1990: Predator 2
1990: Edward scissorhands
1991: Terminator 2: Judgement day
1992: Batman returns
1993. Jurassic park
1995: Congo
1996: The island of Dr. Moreau
1997: Relic
1997: The lost world-Jurassic park II
1998: Small soldiers
1999: Inspector Gadget
1999: Lake placid
1999: End of days
1999: Galaxy quest
2001: Pearl harbor
2001: Artificial Intelligence AI
2001: Jurassic park III
2003: Terminator 3 - Raise of the machines
2003: Big fish
2005: Constantine
2008: Iron Man