Production: USA, 1964-68

Cast: Robert Vaughn, David McCallum, Leo G. Carroll, Stephanie Powers, Noel Harrison.

Some consider this as a television version of 007. In fact the leading character’s name, Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) came from the novel “Goldfinger” by Ian Fleming about the famous secret agent (whose saga is still going on at the cinema). In the novel there was a gangster with that name, who was killed by the villain character.
There’s also another movie quoting: the “U.N.C.L.E.”’s head, known as Mr. Waverly was played by Leo G. Carroll, who had already played a similar role in Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by northwest”. We can also notice that the organization is called “U.N.C.L.E.” and Carroll really looks like a good old uncle…
“U.N.C.L.E.” stays for
 “United Network Command for Law Enforcement”, and as 007 had its counterpart in SPECTRE, U.N.C.L.E. had to face an adversary organization called “THRUSH”.
We can now understand that the serie was suspended between serious and playful, and exaggerated situations which in 007 were difficult to believe: we can add that the entrance of U.N.C.L.E. was in a tailor shop…
There was a third male lead together with Solo and Waverly, Russian agent Illya Kuryakin (David McCallum) who despite his origins (we were in full cold war) was Solo’s trusted partner in all missions.
At first Ian Fleming itself was supposed to collaborate to the scripts, in fact he had created Napoleon Solo. But 007’s producers were not very happy about that, and moreover he had increasing health problems, so that the serie’s writers had to go on without him.
Napoleon Solo was very similar to James Bond, Solo was too seductive and liked beautiful women, while Kuriakin seemed not to be very interested in them (maybe they wanted to avoid rivality?).
U.N.C.L.E. too had its futuristic gadgets (also a special car), and its share of fantastic stories, like one about the abominable snowman and

even one about vampires (and the vampire was Martin Landau, who would have become “Space: 1999”’s commander Koenig).
The serie was an immediate success for audience and critics, and went on for four seasons. Since the second season it was shot in color.
Troubles begun with third season, when it was decided to imitate the camp of “Batman”, becoming even more goliardic and surreal: but the audience did not like the idea, and going back to more seriousness in the fourth season did not help.
Moreover, in year 1966 also a spin-off was made: “The girl from U.N.C.L.E.”, where the leading character was female agent April Dancer (Stephanie Powers) who worked for U.N.C.L.E. together with agent Mark Slate (Noel Harrison) and took orders from Mr.Waverly.

The two characters had already appeared in the original serie, played by two different actors, and producers thought to make a serie about them, taking inspiration from John Steed and Emma Peel from “The avengers”.
But in those years the series about secret agents were many, maybe too many, and audience was not particularly interested in watching another one so the serie was cancelled after just one season, and the following year also the original serie ended.
Also some movies were made from the serie, in some cases adding unseen footage to existing episodes, and sometimes the movies were made with two-parter episodes.
The cast was very interesting. Robert Vaughn appeared in famous movies as “The magnificent seven” and was a leading character in “The protec-
tors", the only non-science-fiction serie by Gerry Anderson, famous producer of “U.F.O.”, “Space: 1999”, “Thunderbirds” and similar…
Vaughn also appeared, not casually, in the movie “Battle beyond the stars”, a sort of science-fiction remake of “The magnificent seven”.
David McCallum too had a very long career, being leading character in the serie “Sapphire and Steel” were he played Steel, and in “The invisible man”.
Leo G. Carroll appeared in “North by Northwest” where, as said above, played more or less the same role…
Stephanie Powers some years after was the female leading character in the thriller serie “Hart to Hart”.
Other famous actors appeared as guest stars: William Shatner and

Leonard Nimoy (Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock from “Star Trek”) and, as said above, Martin Landau.

105 episodes, 29 b/n, 76 color, 60’

First season

1) The Vulcan Affair
2) The Iowa Scuba Affair
3) The Quadripartite Affair
4) The Shark Affair

5) The Deadly Games Affair
6) The Green Opal Affair
7) The Giuoco Piano Affair
8) The Double Affair
9) The Project Strigas Affair
10) The Finny Foot Affair
11) The Neptune Affair
12) The Dove Affair
13) The King of Knaves Affair
14) The Terbuf Affair
15) The Deadly Decoy Affair

16) The Fiddlesticks Affair
17) The Yellow Scarf Affair
18) The Mad, Mad, Tea Party Affair
19) The Secret Sceptre Affair
20) The Bow-Wow Affair
21) The Four-Steps Affair
22) The See-Paris-and-Die Affair
23) The Brain-Killer Affair
24) The Hong Kong Shilling Affair
25) The Never-Never Affair
26) The Love Affair

27) The Gazebo in the Maze Affair
28) The Girls of Nazarone Affair
29) The Odd Man Affair

Seconda serie

30) The Alexander the Greater Affair – part I
31) The Alexander the Greater Affair – part II
32) The Ultimate Computer Affair
33) The Foxes and Hounds Affair
34) The Discotheque Affair

35) The Re-Collector's Affair
36) The Arabian Affair
37) The Tigers are Coming Affair
38) The Deadly Toys Affair
39) The Cherry Blossom Affair
40) The Virtue Affair
41) The Children's Day Affair
42) The Adriatic Express Affair
43) The Yukon Affair
44) The Very Important Zombie Affair
45) The Dippy Blonde Affair

46) The Deadly Goddess Affair
47) The Birds and the Bees Affair
48) The Waverly Ring Affair
49) The Bridge of Lions Affair – part I
50) The Bridge of Lions Affair – part II
51) The Foreign Legion Affair
52) The Moonglow Affair
53) The Nowhere Affair
54) The King of Diamonds Affair
55) The Project Deephole Affair
56) The Round Table Affair

57) The Batcave Affair
58) The Minus-X Affair
59) The Indian Affairs Affair

Third season

60) The Her Master's Voice Affair
61) The Sort of Do-It-Yourself Dreadful Affair
62) The Galatea Affair
63) The Super-Colossal Affair
64) The Monks of St. Thomas Affair

65) The Pop Art Affair
66) The Thor Affair
67) The Candidate's Wife Affair
68) The Come With Me to the Casbah Affair
69) The Off Broadway Affair
70) The Concrete Overcoat Affair – part I
71) The Concrete Overcoat Affair – part II
72) The Abominable Snowman Affair
73) The My Friend, the Gorilla Affair
74) The Jingle Bells Affair
75) The Take Me to Your Leader Affair

76) The Suburbia Affair
77) The Deadly Smorgasbord Affair
78) The Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum Affair
79) The Napoleon's Tomb Affair
80) The It's All Greek to Me Affair
81) The Hula Doll Affair
82) The Pieces of Fate Affair
83) The Matterhorn Affair
84) The Hot Number Affair
85) The When in Roma Affair
86) The Apple A Day Affair

87) The Five Daughters Affair - part I (Il caso delle cinque figlie – parte I)
88) The Five Daughters Affair - part II (Il caso delle cinque figlie – parte II)
89) The Cap and Gown Affair (Il caso del cappello e della gonna)

Fourth season

90) The Summit-Five Affair (Il caso del convegno dei cinque)
91) The Test Tube Killer Affair (Il caso del tubo assassino)
92) The 'J' for Judas Affair (Il caso “G come Giuda”)
93) The Prince of Darkness Affair – part I
94) The Prince of Darkness Affair – part II

95) The Master's Touch Affair (Il caso del tocco da maestro)
96) The THRUSH Roulette Affair (Il caso della roulette della THRUSH)
97) The Deadly Quest Affair (Il caso della ricerca mortale)
98) The Fiery Angel Affair (Il caso dell’angelo di fuoco)
99) The Survival School Affair (Il caso della scuola di sopravvivenza)
100) The Gurnius Affair (Il caso Gurnius)
101) The Man from THRUSH Affair (Il caso dell’agente della THRUSH)
102) The Maze Affair (Il caso del labirinto)
103) The Deep Six Affair (Il caso dei sei profondi)
104) The Seven Wonders of the World Affair – part I (Il caso delle sette
105) The Seven Wonders of the World Affair – part II (Il caso delle sette

The girl from U.N.C.L.E.

29 episodes, color, 60’

1) The Dog-Gone Affair (Il caso del cane scomparso)
2) The Prisoner of Zalamar Affair (Il caso del prigioniero di Zalaman)
3) The Mother Muffin Affair (Il caso di mamma focaccia)
4) The Mata Hari Affair (Il caso Mata Hari)
5) The Montori Device Affair (Il caso del dispositivo Montori)
6) The Horns-of-the-Dilemma Affair (Il caso del dilemma)

7) The Danish Blue Affair (Il caso del blu danese)
8) The Garden of Evil Affair (Il caso del giardino del male)
9) The Atlantis Affair (Il caso Atlantis)
10) The Paradise Lost Affair (Il caso del paradiso perduto)
11) The Lethal Eagle Affair (Il caso dell’aquila mortale)
12) The Romany Lie Affair (Il caso della bugia romena)
13) The Little John Doe Affair (Il caso del piccolo John Doe)
14) The Jewels of Topango Affair (Il caso dei gioielli di Topango)
15) The Faustus Affair (Il caso Faustus)
16) The U.F.O. Affair (Il caso U.F.O.)
17) The Moulin Ruse Affair (Il caso del Moulin Ruse)

18) The Catacomb and Dogma Affair (Il caso delle catacombe e del
19) The Drublegratz Affair (Il caso Drublegratz)
20) The Fountain of Youth Affair (Il caso della fontana della giovinezza)
21) The Carpathian Caper Affair (Il caso dalla carpazia)
22) The Furnace Flats Affair (Il caso di Furnace Flats)
23) The Low Blue C Affair (Il caso del blu chiaro)
24) The Petit Prix Affair (Il caso del piccolo premio)
25) The Phi Beta Killer Affair (Il caso del fi beta)
26) The Double-O-Nothing Affair (Il caso “tutto o niente”)
27) The U.N.C.L.E. Samurai Affair
28) The High and the Deadly Affair

29) The Kooky Spook Affair (Il caso del fantasma Kooky)


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