I'll be honest. The SF Tv shows of the '80s never fancied me so much.
I can't explain why, I always thought they were weaker and less inventive compared with productions of the '60s and '70s.
Although "Hulk" appeared in 1977, I have always considered it as an '80s serial, because I could watch it in those years and its style looks more typical of that age.
Anyway, I can consider it more than others, for at last two reasons.
The first is that I have always appreciated Hulk very much, I had been reading the comics a long before the apparition on TV, and when I saw it on the screen I forgave the poor fidelity to the original story.
The second is that, I don't know why, it looks as if the "Hulk" page is the most visited of this site... maybe because if we consider comics, TV shows and movies, Hulk is probably very searched on the web.
In this episode we can see one of the various attempts of the main character to gain control of his problem and avoid his transformation into the green giant.
This time he asks for help to a martial arts and meditation master, but once again troubles are coming, and the actions of a criminal chinese organization (oddly led by an occidental man) will make Hulk appear again to help his new friends.
The story has a rather irregular pace: a third of the episode to make us see the incredible skills of Li Sung, the martial arts master who is able to fight without seeing (he's blind), and another third to see what's hidden behind the martial arts school of the evil Steve Silva.
After this long premises, the story rushes too much to an end, where Li Sung defeats Silva (and his organization) a little too easily, obviously helped by Hulk who covers him.
A typical episode anyway, where we don't see the journalist McGee, mentioned only in the final scene: having heard of Hulk's apparition, McGee is said to be coming there, forcing David to move on.
Have a nice reading.

WARNING: to read the comic you need Acrobat Reader.


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