The last classic "Supermarionation" by Gerry Anderson. But it was clear that it was time for live-action productions with real actors. It was almost time for the "Doppelganger" movie, followed by "U.F.O.".
The odd feature of this show was its hybrid format: in fact in close-ups shots puppets were used as in the previous series, but in long distance and many exteriors shots a live action filming was used with actors or stand-ins.
But the only "real actor" was the star of the show, Stanley Unwin, whose name was used also for the main charachter, Father Stanley Unwin.
The basic idea of a priest being also a secret agent was not bad, if not particularly original (think to Father Brown, another typical british charachter), and gave a lot of humorous gags.
Maybe the most hilarious idea was the "unwinnese", a strange language typical of the actor (and so of the charachter). It was a strange mix of confusing words spelt very fast, and the result was a total confusion for anybody who heard that.
Maybe this is the less known Anderson series: when the ITC boss Lew Grade watched the first episodes realized that in america nobody would have understood it, and cancelled it. And it was never broadcasted again.
This is the first episode, in which Father Stanley and his gardener Matthew (another B.I.S.H.O.P. agent) must get back a suitcase containing a new computer prototype stolen by spies from a small european country...
A curiosity: the model T Ford used by Father Stanley in live-action shots is the same appearing in the "U.F.O." episode "A question of priorities".

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