Looking at my schedule, I realized that for various reasons there weren't stories about the Daleks.
For I wanted to cover all the regeneration stories, the only regeneration story with the Daleks was "The power of the Daleks" starring Patrick Troughton... a lost episode that maybe we'll never watch again.
A Dalek story was necessary: The Doctor's success was born with them, they deserved their tribute. So nothing better than a Tom Baker episode, with the most popular Doctor of ever (or at least until the David Tennant era).
Notably, the story was written by Terry Nation, the Daleks'creator, (who created also "The Survivors"), and also edited by an uncredited Douglas Adams, creator of "The Hitchyker's guide to the galaxy".
Here the Doctor's companion is Romana (Lalla Ward), a time lady who at the beginning regenerates (oddly, without particular problems).
The regeneration was necessary to cast Lalla Ward: in fact, while shooting the last episode of the previous season, a great alchemy between her and Tom Baker was noticed, and considering that Mary Tamm (previous incarnation of Romana) was not intentioned to go on with the show, Lalla Ward was the obvious choice, and some time later she even married Tom Baker... the marriage did not last, but this is another story.
Here we can see (a simple appearence) also the robot-dog K9: we can see him while the Doctor is fixing him, but he will be operational only at half season, in the episode "The Creature from the pit".
We can also see again Davros (David Gooderson), the evil creator of the Daleks, who first appeared in "Genesis of the Daleks", the previous Dalek story (aired 6 years before...).
We have to remind that the Daleks are not robots as they appear, but living beings who live into those funny (let's say it) squeaking dustbin-like vehicles.
At their debut (faced by the first Doctor) they were shown as mutants victims of radiations, then in "Genesis of the Daleks" it was explained that they were born from the insane mind of Davros, who wanted to create an (apparently) invincible race, able to rule the universe. There the Doctor had a chance to exterminate the Daleks at their birth, but then he had not the courage to commit a genocide.
The location here is the same of "Genesis of the Daleks": the Doctor has come back to Skaro, the original planet of the Daleks, and discovers that the Daleks are still there searching for Davros...

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