Production: GB, 1962

After the good success of “Supercar”, british producers Gerry and Sylvia Anderson went on with another “supermarionation” science fiction show.
In year 2067 World Space Patrol controls space with its spaceships.
Colonel Steve Zodiac is in command of Fireball XL5, which patrols space sector 25. Other members of the crew are prof. Matthew “Matt” Matic, dr. Venus (medical officer and colonel Zodiac love interest), and Robert the robot.
During their trips in space they will meet every kind of aliens and dangers, in the best tradition of space operas.
Excellent, as usual, Derek Meddings’ special effects (particularly effective the Fireball’s lift off), while puppets are still caricatural, typical of a childish target (but the trasparent robot is really original).

Terribly naïve (and childish) the extra-vehicular activities, where we see colonel Zodiac walking in space without a space-suit or, at least, a space helmet…

39 episodes, b/w, 30’

1)  Planet 46
2)  Hypnotic sphere
3)  Planet of Platonia
4)  Space magnet
5)  The doomed planet

6)  Plant man from space
7)  The sun temple
8)  Space immigrants
9)  Space monster
10) Flying Zodiac
11) XL5 to H2O
12) A spy in space
13) Space pirates
14) Convict in space
15) Space pen
16) The last of the Zanadus
17) The wings of danger
18) The triads
19) Sabotage
20) Prisoner on the lost planet
21) Flight to danger
22) Space vacation
23) Mistery of the TA2
24) Robert to the rescue
25) The forbidden planet
26) The granatoid tanks
27) Dangerous cargo
28) 1875
29) The robot freighter mystery
30) Drama at Space City
31) Whistle for danger
32) Faster than light
33) The day the Earth froze
34) Invasion Earth
35) The ghosts of space
36) Trial by robot
37) The day in the life of a space general
38) Space City special
39) The fire fighters

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