Going on with "Star Trek".
This time I took care of "Voyager". And once again I decided to find a link with the original series, coherent with all I have done til now.
This is a very "psychic" episode: in fact it is possible to see thoughts and memories of Tuvok, the Vulcan officer aboard the Voyager.
Tuvok remembers what happened even 80 years before (we should not forget that Vulcans are very long-living people, and a 100 years old Vulcan can be considered as "still young"), when he was on duty aboard U.S.S. Excelsior with Captain Sulu in command (after having served at Captain Kirk's orders for years, at last he had his own starship...).

But links go on: the episode is contemporary with the movie "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country", when Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy are imprisoned in a Klingon penal settlement and the Excelsior (together with the Enterprise, of course) was trying to find a way to free them.
Memories are trigged by a serie of sicknesses experienced by Tuvok, which could threaten even  his life.
Tuvok tries a mind-meld with Captain Janeway, who shares his memories searching for the illness cause and, of course, for a possible cure.
As well as Sulu, we can see another "historic" character: Commander Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney), who  appeared in the original serie as a yeoman and personal attendant (and, possibly, lover) for Captain Kirk.
The charachter disappeared after the first 13 episodes to alow Captain Kirk to romance with the large number of alien females he would have met during the Enterprise mission... anyway, Gene  Roddemberry said years later he had repented about that, and put her again aboard the Enterprise in "Star Trek: The motion picture".
Sadly, time was absolutely unfair with Grace Lee Whitney, because we can hardly recognize her in the episode, beyond the inevitable physical changes which can occur in 30 years...
There's also another problem: Lt. Commander Valtane's death. The problem is that in the movie "Star Trek VI" this doesn't happen, and Star Trek fans try to explain this with some embarrassement. But maybe the problem should not exist: Tuvok's illness bent his memories, so Valtane's death could have been caused by his problem...

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