Production: GB, 1968


Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, creators of “Supermarionations” shows, after their best success with “Thunderbirds” were at stake: it proved to be very difficult to repeat “Thunderbirds”’success, and more difficult to gain the adults interest also with more realistic puppets like “Captain Scarlet”’s ones.
Making a puzzling choice, the Andersons decided to remove all those features which had made the previous shows success (and were appreciated by children), like the great variety of vehicles and special effects. Futurible vehicles were seen anyway, and visual effects were needed: but the problem was interesting adults with a puppet show.
In this new serie professor McClaine was a brilliant scientist who had invented a powerful computer called BIG RAT (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer). The machine could transfer any ability or skill on any person, and the result could be the perfect secret agent.
And for that task was choosen 9 years old Joe, McClaine adoptive son. A little boy couldn’t be suspected, and could get into places were grown-up could not.
And thanks to BIG RAT, Joe could handle any situation. Before every mission, Joe was

instructed with BIG RAT, and wearing a special pair of glass BIG RAT’s impulses were activated. In his adventures, Joe used the most various skills: he become aircraft pilot, astronaut, sport cars driver, surgeon and more. His contact in WIN (World Intelligence Network) was Sam Loover, and they both took orders by Shane Weston, deputy director of WIN.
The only recurring futuristic vehicle of  the serie was McClaine’s car, a curious vehicle which could also fly.

30 episodes, colour, 30'

1)  The most special agent

2)  Hi-jacked
3)  Splash down
4)  International concerto
5)  Operation McClaine
6)  The big fish
7)  Relative danger
8)  The unorthodox shepherd
9)  King for a day
10) Business holiday
11) Most special astronaut
12) Three’s a crowd
13) Double agent
14) Arctic adventure
15) The fortress
16) Project 90
17) Colonel McClaine
18) Lone-handed 90
19) The race
20) The professional
21) Talkdown
22) Breakout
23) Child of the Sun-god
24) Trial at sea
25) Viva Cordova
26) Attack of the tiger
27) Mission X-14
28) Test flight
29) See you down there
30) The birthday



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