Production: USA, 1982-85.
Cast: David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Patricia McPherson, Peter Parros.

A very popular show created by the unexhaustible Glen A. Larson, (Galactica, Buck Rogers), and affected by those too-light scripts which were typical of the eighties’ science-fiction series.
Policeman Michael Long (David Hasselhoff) is injured to death by
a gang of criminals. But he’s saved by millionaire Wilton Knight, who gives him a new face and a new identity: now he is Michael Knight, and will fight crime for the FLAG (Foundation for Law And Government), created by the millionaire before his death. And his partner in the fight will be his car, (Pontiac Firebird 2000 Trans-Am) equipped with computer K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousands, voiced by William Daniels) which makes it talk, think and decide by its own. The car can run at 300 mph, make 450 yards jumps, is equipped with missile launchers and flame-thrower, and is made of an indestructible material…
Helping Michael in his fight there is, first of all, Devon Miles (Edward Mulhare), the closest collaborator of millionaire Knight; then Bonnie Barstow (Patricia McPherson), the technician who repairs KITT; during the second season Bonnie
took a vacation for a refresher course and at her place came April Curtis (Rebecca Holden). Finally there is Reginald Cornelius III (Peter Parros, also known as RC 3) who invents new gadgets for KITT (he appears in the final season only).
Anyway the scene is stolen by the black Pontiac Firebird, equipped with gadgets like James Bond’s cars and capable to talk and argue with its driver, not always agreeing with him.
During the serie other vehicles like KITT appear: Goliath, a big truck driven by the evil son of Wilton Knight, and KARR, another car similar to KITT using a previous software which went out of control.
Very memorable the music theme, composed by Stu Phillips and
Larson himself, which now is used and quoted very often whenever there is a car starring.
David Hasselhoff had already appeared in science-fiction… in the Italian movie “Starcrash” (a “Star Wars” facsimile with interesting ideas but very poor effects), then he became a star with “Baywatch” together with Pamela Anderson.
There has been a spin-off titled “Team Knight Rider”, starring five young people working for the Foundation too and using high technological gadgets, but not a car like KITT.
There was also a pilot episode for a serie which wasn’t made, “Knight Rider 2000”.
But in year 2008 there was a remake: this time the “Knight Industries Three Thousands”, always coloured in black, was a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR, voiced by Will Arnett, while its driver Mike Traceur was actor Justin Bruening. 18 episodes were made,

but didn’t make it for a second season.

84 episodes, color, 60'

First season

1) Knight of the Phoenix
2) Deadly Maneuvers
3) Good Day at White Rock
Slammin' Sammy's stunt show spectacular
Just my Bill

6) Not a drop to drink
No big thing
Trust doesn't rust
9) Inside out

The final verdict
A plush ride
Forget me not
Hearts of stone
14) Give me liberty…or give me death

The topaz connection
16) Chariot of gold

17) A nice indecent little town
White bird
19) Knight moves

Nobody does it better
Short notice

Second season

23) Brother's keeper
24) Merchants of death

25) Blind spot
26) Return to Cadiz
27) K.I.T.T. the cat
28) Custom K.I.T.T.
29) Soul survivor
30) Ring of fire

31) Knightmares
32) Silent Knight

33) Knight in shining armor
34) Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend
35) White line warriors

36) Race for life
37) Speed demons
38) Goliath returns
39) A good Knight's work
40) The mouth of the snake
41) Let it be me

42) Big iron

Third season

43) Knight of the drones

44) The ice bandits
45) Knight in the fast lane
46) Halloween Knight
47) K.I.T.T. vs K.A.R.R.
48) The rotten apples
49) Knight in desgrace

50) Dead of Knight
51) Lost Knight

52) Knight of the Chameleon
53) Custom made killer
54) Knight by a nose

55) Junk yard dog
56) Buy out
57) Knightlines

58) The nineteenth hole
59) Knight and knerd
60) Ten wheel trouble

61) Knight in retreat
62) Knight strike

63) Circus Knight

Fourth season

64) Knight of the juggernaut
65) K.I.T.T.nap
66) Sky Knight
67) Burial ground
68) The wrong crowd

69) Knight sting
70) Manny happy returns

71) Knight racer
72) Knight behind bars
73) Knight song

74) The scent of roses
75) Killer K.I.T.T.
76) Out of the woods
77) Deadly Knightshade
78) Redemption of a champion
79) Knight of a thousand devils

80) Hills of fire
81) Knight flight to freedom
82) Fright Knight
83) Knight of the rising sun
84) Voo doo Knight

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