This is a very interesting serie. It is the first Gerry Anderson serie after the "Thunderbirds" hit. Then, this time we could see more realistic puppets, with regular proportions, without the big heads of the previous ones (but mantaining the same height, about 2 ft.).
Finally, many elements from this serie would have been used for "U.F.O.", whose leading actor Ed Bishop had given his voice for the Captain Blue puppet (and also introduced all episodes).
Moreover, this serie was chosen by Anderson for his first digitally animated remake (he wanted also to remake other series, but nothing has come up so far).
In a nutshell, a very good serie which had not the same success of "Thunderbirds".
Here we have the first episode, which shows Captain Scarlet's origins and how he became indestructible. The only problem with this story is that here Captain Scarlet operates as a Mysteron agent, and only in the end he will be free from alien control, becoming "Spectrum"'s most important agent.
The story looks very actual, we see aliens capable to transform anybody in their agent, and anybody can become a dangerous terrorist...
Let's go back to the plot. In year 2068 a mission on Mars led by Captain Black destroys a Mysteron city for a tragical misunderstanding. But the aliens possess the ability to transform matter and reconstruct anything or any living being... and swear revenge against earthmen.
Their first announced target (this too seems actual...) will be the World President.
Spectrum prepares huge security measures, but against such enemy nothing seems enough...
WARNING: to read the comic you need Acrobat Reader.


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