Going on with "Supermarionations", here we go with "Joe 90".
Tunderbirds' successful mix of action and humour was never repeated.
"Captain Scarlet" had a lot of visual effects but humour had completely gone (and the story, although interesting, did not permit it); "Joe 90" had again some humour, but had quite less visual effects, and high number of futuristic vehicles from the previous series had disappeared. On the other hand, the stories gave an opportunity for amusing situations.
As already said, the serie was centred on a device which could transmit brain impulses from a brain to another, capable to transform a 9-years-old boy, Joe McClaine, into a secret agent or anybody capable of extraordinary actions.
This created a lot of gags and humour everytime somebody could see, unbelieving, Joe's undertakings.
The serie was well made as usual, but a show with puppets had more and more increasing limits, not to mention Gerry Anderson's old desire, which was having a more adult audience.
In this episode Prof. McClaine, Joe's father and inventor of BIG RAT (the super computer which can register and transmit brain impulses) is upset for a famous writer, Nobel prize winner, who is seriously ill. There's only one doctor in the world who can save his life, but his aircraft crashes: the doctor survives, but is seriously injured and can't perform the operation.
There's only one way: to transmit the famous surgeon's brain impulses to another doctor, to do the operation. But Sam Loover, the man from WIN secret service (for which the McClaines colalborate) absolutely forbids that: the secret of BIG RAT must be a secret.
How can they save the writer and keep the secret?

WARNING: to read the comic you need Acrobat Reader.


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