This Galactica episode has an heavy taste of...western. In fact the leading character Apollo lands on a planet where we can find saloons, horsemen (although striped with strange colors), stetson-like hats (which  look as if they're made of some metal) and gunbelts (it's not clear for me if they are really air-guns or if it is a technical term for people used to laser weapons, unfortunately I couldn't have the original dubbing), and a final showdown with a gunfight between Apollo and a Centurion named "Redeye" by people who never saw one before.
The only odd thing is the evil gangster Lacerta (Claude Earl Jones), with his white suit and Panama hat which recalls south-american villains than western ones.
We can wonder why the episode was not centered about Adama: actor Lorne Greene was famous for his leading role in "Bonanza", but the quotation may have been too heavy, and anyway it would have been more difficult to invent a story in which Adama become a castaway on a remote planet. Apollo escaping from Cylons on his viper was a more simple idea.
The story shows how "Galactica" was a family show without too much ambitions: the story is original and entertaining enough, but not particularly deep (except for Apollo's final lecture to the boy who whishes to become a gunfighter), there's also a funny segment where Boxey (Noah Hathaway), Apollo's son, plays poker with the squadron pilots, and although they drink fruit juice and bet with candies, they are all finally scolded by Cassiopea (Laurette Spang).
In a nutshell, nothing resemblant to the actual remake of the serie, where the problem of human race survival is very dramatically stressed and stories are full of anxiety: the remake's success is surely due to this realism, a sucess which lacked in the original serie (which seemed too much as a poor copy of the "Star Wars" saga).
I have already said a lot about the plot, but let's have a synopsis: Apollo lands on a planet habited by farmers oppressed by an evil gangster, and discovers that the gangster's bodyguard is a Cylon. Farmers realize that Apollo could defeat him and urge him, but it's too risky: if there's a Cylon on the planet, he needs to know if there are other ones and why...

WARNING: to read the comic you need Acrobat Reader.


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