Here we are. Going on with the “Star Trek” photonovels (breaking with other series).
Now it’s “Next Generation”’s turn.
Here too I wanted a particular episode: as a guest star we have engineer Montgomery Scott, one of the stars of the original serie.
I chose this episode for various reasons. First of all I wanted to pay a little tribute to James Doohan, who passed away some months ago and will be forever remembered as the brilliant chief engineer of the Enterprise, who always invented new technical tricks to save the Enterprise, which he loved as if it was his own creature.
Then I have to say that in the classic episode I made here Scotty is oddly missing (my fault for having chosen it).
Finally, this gives us a little example of the continuity in the Star Trek franchise.
We have to remember that in the first episode of this serie a one-hundred years old Dr. McCoy had appeared (always played by DeForest Kelley, who is too sadly missing), in another one had appeared Mr. Spock as a vulcan ambassador (vulcans age more slowly than humans), and in the movie “Generations” also Captain Kirk could meet Captain Picard.
This episode is from the sixth season, the last but one.
There is also a pair of  quotes from the original serie.
When he is given his quarters, realizing how wide they are, Scotty recalls the Dohlman’s complaints in the episode “Eelan of Troyus”; and when Data offers him a mysterious liquor, he doesn’t know how to describe it and simply says that “it’s green!”, as Scotty did with an alien in the episode “By any other name” with the same liquor, Aldebaran Whiskey…
The story. The Enterprise receive a distress call from U.S.S. Jenolen, a Federation ship lost 75 years before. The Jenolen had crashed on the surface of a Dyson sphere, a so giant manufact that it can contain an entire solar system.
Only Captain Montgomery Scott had survived, creating a clever device of suspended animation by modifying the transport beam…
Have a nice reading.

WARNING: to read the comic you need Acrobat Reader.


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