After the color supermarionations by Gerry Anderson, from "Stingray" onwards, only the very first ones in black and white where missing.
This is absolutely the first one, "Supercar".
They were not really the first Gerry Anderson puppet shows at all: before "Supercar" there had been "Twizzle", "Torchy the battery boy" and "Four feather falls".
"Supercar" was a new beginning: it begun the partnership with ITC and a serie of increasing quality shows, with better and better visual effects.
All is still very childish here: stories are very simple, and puppets are rather caricatural. Especially the face of Supercar's pilot, the series hero Mike Mercury: he's a really caricature and not particularly handsome. Moreover, the character is absolutely "single" and female characters can't be seen around (this will be fixed in the following series, "Fireball").
Anyway, characters are well drawn since the first episode: Mike Mercury the hero and a brave pilot, Professor Popkiss the wise scientist and Supercar's inventor, Dr. Beaker his assistant, stuttering and bungler but in a certain way brilliant, Jimmy a smart boy for his age and Mitch is a spiteful monkey, always ready for making troubles.
In this episode we don't see the two "villains" Masterspy and Zorin, who will always try to steal Supercar.
The story is very simple: while Professor Popkiss and his assistants (Mike and Beaker) are finishing Supercar, a little plane crashes on the sea. The occupants are safe on a raft, but a too thick fog prevents any rescue. Only Supercar could find them, but Professor Popkiss is reluctant at first...

WARNING: to read the comic you need Acrobat Reader.



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