There’s something to say about Rob Bottin: among a large number of very good creations, there may be one which probably gave him a huge wealth, and we are talking about “Robocop”.
This intriguing character has had a brief  but notable life: three movies, a cartoon serie, a live-action TV show, and even a comic serie titled “Robocop vs. Terminator” where Earth is invaded by terminators and Robocop has to find all them…
Rob Bottin did other odd things: in “Fog” he did personally play the evil ghost he had created, and could not have the award nomination for “The thing” due to some absurde rules.
In fact he was not considered as a “special effects” technician but as a make-up man, also if he probably did not use lip-sticks…
Maybe he didn’t invent anything new, but he remains one of the most important technicians of his category, also if we don’t

consider “Robocop”.


1978: Piranha
1979: Fog
1981: The howling
1982: The thing
1983: The twilight zone
1987: Innerspace
1987: Robocop
1990: Robocop 2
1990: Total recall
1993: Robocop 3
1995: Seven
1996: Mission: Impossible
1997: Mimic
1997: The devil’s advocate
1998: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
1999: Fight club
2000: Charlie’s angels