Production: GB, 1969

Live-action and puppets

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s last Supermarionation before the live actions of “U.F.O.” and “Space: 1999”.
Here were used also actors and live-action for long distance shots, while puppets were used in close shots.
Star of  this brief show (only 13 episodes were made) was a parish priest, father Stanley Unwin, who received a strange suitcase from a

a member of his parish, being recommended to use it for the good of mankind.
The suitcase contained a miniaturisation device, which could be used on objects or people. Father Unwin decided to use it to help british secret services.
Receiving orders by BISHOP (British Intelligence Service Headquarters Operation Priest), father Unwin worked with agent Matthew Harding, officially his gardener, ready to be miniaturized and carried in the priest’suitcase for the assigned missions.
Starring in the show was comic actor Stanley Unwin (same name of the character), very popular in Great Britain at the time. He was famous for the creation of “Unwinnese”, a funny and quite unanderstandable language he used with comic effects.
In the serie any futuristic feature disappeared (the only regular vehicle was father Stanley’s vintage “Ford T” car), but although the show was made with the usual quality

(it needed double settings, for puppets and live action), it proved to be rather unsuccessful.
The Andersons had not been able to repeat the success of “Thunderbirds”, so that they decided to shutdown the puppet unit.

13 episodes, colour, 30'

1)  A case for the Bishop
2)  A question of miracles
3)  To catch a spy
4)  The feathered spies

5)  Last train to Bufflers Halt
6)  Hole in one
7)  Recall to service
8)  Errand of mercy
9)  The deadly whisper
10) The cure
11) School for spies
12) May-day, may-day!
13) More haste – Less speed


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