And now, of course, its time for “Star Trek”. The original serie, of course.
Which episode to choose? I always try to make an unusual choice.
So, first of all I decided to show a quite humorous episode, which could be unsuitable for a common science fiction show but in “Star Trek” could work without altering its philosophy.
Then I wanted something even more unusual. When we talk about Star Teek comedies, the most memorable is quite surely “The trouble with tribbles”, which I have always appreciated… too much obvious.
So I decided to make a photonovel for “Shore leave”. This episode’s oddity is even superior to “Tribbles’”.
Since the first takes we understand the story will be quite strange: we can see Dr. McCoy facing Alice’s white rabbit, and other absurd (but dangerously real) encounters will happen.
Among all these people who-should-not-be-there, the most histrionic one is Finnegan, Kirk’s personal devil during the academy years, beautifully played by Bruce Mars. The character became so popular that a second appearance in the serie was considered, but then the idea was dropped: Mars briefly appeared only as a policeman in the final episode of the second season, “Assignement: Earth”.
This is a first season episode: as everybody knows, ensign Chekov is missing (he will appear only since the second season), but we don’t see too engineer Scott or nurse Chapel, who anyway had already appeared in the show.
Some confusion was made with Angela Teller (Barbara Baldavin). In the first script her name was “Mary” Teller, but someone recalled she had already appeared in another episode (“Balance of terror”) as Angela Martine… So it was decided to call her “Angela” instead of “mary”, but in one scene Kirk calls her “Teller”…
Barbara Baldavin appeared later in the same role in “Turnabout intruder”, the last episode of third season and, then, of the entire serie.

WARNING: to read the comic you need Acrobat Reader.


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