Production: USA, 1987-2002.

Cast: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Wil Wheaton, Denise Crosby (1st season only), Diana Muldaur.

In year 1986 Gene Roddemberry wanted to create a new “Star Trek” show which could face the typical themes of those years (the original series’ themes like racism, cold war, contestations were

out of date at the time).
So this new serie was born, with a new crew (the old one was “really” old), a new starship (larger and updated, but called “Enterprise” again), and updated visual effects (the original series’ were decent but nothing more).
The stories take place 85 years after the original series. The new Enterprise is twice the original one, and is a Galaxy-class starship. It has a large number of features among which there is a hologram-deck which can recreate any Earth environment or situation (or also bring back to life famous people from the past, like Albert Einstein).
New captain is Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart): older than captain Kirk was, he is aabove all a wise and thoughtful commander who does not explore new planets

personally exposing himself to risk as his predecessor did (new rules of Starfleet impose him not to risk his safety); when action is needed there is the first officer, William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes), who is quite more similar to Kirk; lt. commander Data (Brent spiner) plays a rational role very similar to Spock’s: in the original series an alien in the crew was very innovative, now Data is even an android, interested in human emotions and trying, sometimes, to recreate them; in a crew without any kind of prejudices there is also lieutenant Geordi La Forge (Le Var Burton), who is blind but has artificial eyes, and lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn), who is a klingon (in the original series klingons were the ultimate enemies of the Federation).
Women are not missing, of course: Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), a human-betazoid psychologist, who has telepathic powers, and doctor Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden),

the ship’s doctor; in the first season only appears also security chief Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby), a kind of masculine and aggressive woman who would have become common on cinema and television (see “Alien”’s lieutenant Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver). Wesley Crusher (Will Wheaton) is a boy prodigy and son of dr. Crusher, and this is another new feature: the new Enterprise is so large that not only the crew live on it but also their families (but in case of danger the module with civil quarters can separate and flee to safety).
Many years have passed and many things have changed: the klingon empire is no more enemy thanks to a peace treaty. Now there is a powerful entity named Q worrying the Enterprise crew: he has appeared since the first episode, he charges humanity of a large number of crimes and barbarities and often tries the real value of

Picard and his men.
More dangerous are the Borg, a bio-mechanical race of aliens, who live as a unique mind and unique intelligence, and their purpose is to assimilate every form of intelligence and civilization in the entire universe. But their unique mind has a great limit: if the “virus” of individual thought and self-achievement spreads among them, it means the end for the entire community.
At the beginning the show had some problems of audience, but then achieved a great success with new generations of fans, even more than the original serie’s.
Stories are very good as usual, also if pace seems to be a little slower than in the original, and sometimes scripts are a little complicate.
The show has been produced until 1993: since 1994 have been released big screen films to

substitute the original serie’s ones, and in the movie “Generations”, thanks to a time paradox, captain Picard could meet captain Kirk.
”Trekkies” have always  followed the movies, but ordinary audience was never particularly interested, and the returns of last movie “nemesis” were so low to prevent the making of another one.
Anyway, seven seasons with 178 episodes and four movies  can be considered as a more than satisfying result.

178 episodes, colour, 60’
4 cinema movies.

First Season

1) Encounter at Farpoint –  part I
2) Encounter at Farpoint - Part II
3) The Naked Now
4) Code of Honor
5) The Last Outpost
6) Where No One Has Gone Before
7) Lonely Among Us
8) Justice
9) The Battle

10) Hide And Q (Il ritorno di Q)
11) Haven (id.)
12) The Big Goodbye (Il grande addio)
13) Datalore (id.)
14) Angel One (Missione di soccorso)
15) 11001001 (id.)
16) Too Short a Season
17) When the Bough Breaks
18) Home Soil
19) Coming of Age
20) Heart of Glory
21) The Arsenal of Freedom
22) Symbiosis
23) Skin of Evil
24) We'll Always Have Paris
25) Conspiracy
26) The Neutral Zone

Second Season

27) The Child
28) Where Silence Has Lease

29) Elementary, My Dear Data
30) The Outrageous Okona
31) Loud as a Whisper
32) The Schizoid Man
33) Unnatural Selection
34) A Matter of Honor
35) The Measure of a Man
36) The Dauphin
37) Contagion
38) The Royale
39) Time Squared

40) The Icarus Factor
41) Pen Pals
42) Q Who
43) Samaritan Snare
44) Up The Long Ladder
45) Manhunt
46) The Emissary
47) Peak Performance
48) Shades of Gray

Third Season

49) Evolution
50) The Ensigns of Command
51) The Survivors
52) Who Watches the Watchers?
53) The Bonding
54) Booby Trap
55) The Enemy
56) The Price
57) The Vengeance Factor

58) The Defector
59) The Hunted
60) The High Ground
61) Deja Q
62) A Matter of Perspective
63) Yesterday's Enterprise
64) The Offspring
65) Sins of the Father
66) Allegiance
67) Captain's Holiday
68) Tin Man
69) Hollow Pursuits
70) The Most Toys
71) Sarek
72) Ménage ŕ Troi
73) Transfigurations
74) The Best of Both Worlds - Part I

Fourth Season
75) The Best of Both Worlds - Part II
76) Family
77) Brothers
78) Suddenly Human
79) Remember Me
80) Legacy
81) Reunion
82) Future Imperfect
83) Final Mission
84) The Loss
85) Data's Day
86) The Wounded
87) Devil's Due
88) Clues
89) First Contact
90) Galaxy's Child
91) Night Terrors
92) Identity Crisis
93) The Ninth Degree
94) Qpid
95) The Drumhead
96) Half a Life
97) The Host
98) The Mind's Eye
99) In Theory
100) Redemption Part I

Fifth Season

101) Redemption Part II
102) Darmok
103) Ensign Ro
104) Silicon Avatar

105) Disaster
106) The Game
107) Unification Part I
108) Unification Part II
109) A Matter of Time
110) New Ground
111) Hero Worship
112) Violations
113) The Masterpiece Society
114) Conundrum
115) Power Play
116) Ethics
117) The Outcast
118) Cause and Effect
119) The First Duty
120) Cost of Living
121) The Perfect Mate
122) Imaginary Friend
123) I, Borg
124) The Next Phase
125) The Inner Light
126) Time's Arrow Part I

Sixth Season

127) Time's Arrow Part II
128) Realm of Fear
129) Man of the People
130) Relics
131) Schisms
132) True Q
133) Rascals

134) A Fistful of Datas
135) The Quality of Life
136) Chain of Command Part I
137) Chain of Command Part II
138) Ship in a Bottle
139) Aquiel
140) Face of the Enemy
141) Tapestry
142) Birthright Part I
143) Birthright Part II
144) Starship Mine
145) Lessons
146) The Chase
147) Frame of Mind
148) Suspicions
149) Rightful Heir
150) Second Chances
151) Timescape
152) Descent Part I

Seventh season

153) Descent Part II
154) Liaisons
155) Interface
156) Gambit Part I
157) Gambit Part II
158) Phantasms
159) Dark Page
160) Attached
161) Force of Nature
162) Inheritance

163) Parallels
164) The Pegasus
165) Homeward
166) Sub Rosa
167) Lower Decks
168) Thine Own Self
169) Masks
170) Eye of the Beholder
171) Genesis
172) Journey's End
173) Firstborn
174) Bloodlines
175) Emergence
176) Preemptive Strike
177) All Good Things...
Part I
178) All Good Things... Part II

Cinema movies

Generations  (1994)
First Contact  (1996)
Insurrection (1998)
Nemesis  (2002)


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