Production: GB, 1975-1977
Cast: Carolyn Seymour, Lucy Fleming, Ian McCulloch, Denis Lill, Stephen Dudley, Eileen Helsby, Tanya Ronder, Chris Tranchell, John Abineri, Lorna Lewis, Terry Scully, Hana Maria Pravda, Talfryn Thomas, Julie Neubert.

This BBC TV serie was created by one of the most famous british television writers: Terry Nation, the inventor of the deadly Daleks which caused the huge success of Doctor Who.
The story, in a certain way, is not so original: story of a group of persons who have to organize their survival after a deadly virus has wiped the 90% of Earth’s population.
Something similar had already been seen in John Wyndham’s “The day of the triffids”, which too had appeared as a movie and then as a TV mini-series, where most part of  population had become blind and was even menaced by giant mobile carnivorous plants out of control.
Something similar has also been seen a little time ago, with Danny Boyle’s “28 days later”.
Anyway, the serie is well-made, charming and has its share of suspence.
In the opening credits we understand the virus is not so mysterious: we can

see a scientist in his white coat dropping the deadly vial, then contamination starts and the virus spreads around the world.
Three are the main characters: first of all Abby Grant (Carolyne Seymour), an housewife who survived to the virus (she got ill but recovered) which killed her husband and is searching for her son who was in a college during the epidemic.
Then there is Greg Preston (Ian McCulloch), an engineer whose wife died for the virus, who becomes leader of the community which creates during the serie.
Finally the young secretary Jenny Richards (Lucy Fleming), who will fall in love with Greg and will give him a son, and will become the sole character to

appear in the whole serie: in fact Abby will leave at the beginning of second season to continue searching for her son, and at the end of the same season Greg will leave for Scandinavia in search for other communities of survivors; he will come back, aged and affected by smallpox, at the end of third season, having almost completed his project to give back a government to Great Britain.
At the beginning of the second season another male lead is added: Charles Vaughn (Denis Lill), who had already appeared in a first season episode as the leader of a community obsessed for Earth’s repopulating, having already made pregnant several women of his community… causing Abby and Jenny’s immediate run.

In the beginning of second season, the mansion of Greg and Jenny’s community is destroyed by fire, and most part of the regular cast dies (probably the actors had found or wanted other job), so the survivors have to join Charles’ community (and Charles has changed his mind about repopulation…).The confrontation between the two male leaders, Greg and Charles, results in a serie of  conflicts and discussions, which became real too: at the end of swecond season Ian McCulloch left the show for his conflicts with Denis Lill…
We have even two children: John (Stephen Dudley) and Lizzie (Tanya
Ronders, replaced by Angie Stevens since the third season).
The story ideas are typical of this kind of  fiction: there is people who try to

rebuild a normal life thanks to their superior acknowledge, crazy leaders who want to create a military organization for survival, selfish people who don’t want to share their resources with others, and bands of robbers who simply steal at any cost all what they find.
Terry Nation also wrote a novel about the serie, with a rather tragical ending: Abby dies shot by her son, who doesn’t recognize her believing she is one of the many menacing robbers.

38 episodes, colour, 60'

First season

1) The Fourth Horseman
2) Genesis
3) Gone Away
4) Corn Dolly
5) Gone to the Angels
6) Garland's War
7) Starvation
8) Spoil of War
9) Law and Order

10) The Future Hour
11) Revenge
12) Something of Value
13) A Beginning

Second season

14) Birth of Hope
15) Greater Love
16) Lights of London - part I
17) Lights of London - part II

18) The Face of the Tiger
19) The Witch
20) A Friend in Need
21) By Bread Alone
22) The Chosen
23) Parasites
24) New Arrivals
25) Over the Hills
26) New World

Third season

27) Manhunt
28) A Little Learning
29) Law of the Jungle
30) Mad Dog
31) Bridgehead
32) Reunion
33) The Peacemaker
34) Sparks
35) The Enemy
36) The Last Laugh
37) Long Live the King
38) Power


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