Production: GB, 1983


The first Gerry Anderson serie after the (partial) failure of “U.F.O.” and “Space: 1999”. Adding to the failure of “Space: 1999”, there was something worst: the troupe which had made possible all his best shows (“Thunderbirds” amongst all) existed no more. Composer Barry Gray, who had composed unforgettable themes, retired after

“Space: 1999” first season; Derek Meddings, who created the special effects and all the futuristic vehicles, was now working for the big screen; too his heir Brian Johnson, who created the superb eagles for “Space: 1999”, was working too for cinema, giving is contribution (not always credited) to the “Star Wars” saga. Moreover, the most sad loss: Anderson had divorced from his wife Sylvia, who had always been the creative mind of all his productions.
Forced to begin all again from zero, with a totally new troupe, Anderson made this puppet serie trying to go back to the “supermarionation” success.
In year 2020 Earth is menaced by an android army from planet Guk. Androids have conscience and human likeness, although orrifying. They
have their base on Mars and want to conquer all the galaxy, starting, obviously, from Earth.
Professor Ninestein from UN High Command creates a special fighting force against aliens, called “Terrahawks”. Members of the force are, by first, prof. Ninestein who is the ninth clone of professor Stein (and sounds also like Einstein...); then Captain Mary Falconer, Lieutenant Hiro, Captain Kate Kestrel (astronaut and, incredibly, singer...),Lieutenant Hawkeye (who has bionic eyes), Sergeant Major Zero and Sergeant 101 which command a squad of robots called “zeroids”.

As in all Anderson’s series, there’s a fleet of particular vehicles (and it all seems to recall “Thunderbirds”).
The “Battlehawk”is an enormous aircraft used by prof. Ninestein and Captain Falconer to reach the battle fields and command operations. The Battlehawk  can transport a caterpillar vehicle or also professor’s automatic car (a sort of Rolls-Royce, not as glamorous as the “FAB 1” from “Thunderbirds”).
The “Terrahawk” is a light aircraft which contains the “Battlehawk” cockpit and can separate from the mother vehicle to make flights near the “Battlehawk” landing area.
The “Treehawk” is a space shuttle used to reach the “Spacehawk”, an

orbiting station manned by Lieutenant Hiro.
The “Hawkwing” is an interceptor aircraft, piloted by Captain Kestrel and Lieutenant Hawkeye.
The “Overlander” is a huge land vehicle (with 9 pairs of wheels) which transports supplies for the Terrahawks base, in South America. For a best security, the Overlander never reaches the base, but has a rendez-vous with Battlehawk on half its way. Although it has a cockpit, it is always automatically driven.
The episodes are entertaining enough, and the zeroids are quite funny, but anyway there isn’t even half the fascination of “Thunderbirds” or “Captain Scarlet”.

Puppets are different from all what seen before: proportions are similar to the “Thunderbirds” ones (with very big heads), and faces are more realistic, even too much.
Music score is composed by Richard Harvey: not bad, but confrontation with Barry Gray is quite embarrassing.
Special effects are made by Stephen Begg, who knows his job but proves unable to create intriguing vehicles as his predecessors: it’s enough to say that, while all “classic” Gerry Anderson vehicles (from “Supercar” to “Space: 1999”) are still produced and sold by models manifacturers (and the original merchandising has enormous value for collectors), the “Terrahawks” vehicles are not so popular as well...

39 episodes, colour, 30'

1) Expect the unexpected part 1
2) Expect the unexpected part 2
3) Thunder roar
4) Close call
5) From here to eternity
6) Space samurai
7) The sporilla

8) Happy madeday
9) Gunfight at Oaky’s Corral
10) The ugliest monster of all
11) The gun
12) Thunder path
13) Mind monster
14) To catch a tiger
15) The Mida’s touch
16) Operation SAS
17) Ten top pop
18) Unseen menace

19) A Christmas miracle
20) Midnight blue
21) Play it again, Sram
22) My kingdom for a zeaf
23) Zero’s finest hour
24) The ultimate menace
25) Gold
26) Ma’s monster’s
27) Two for the price of one
28) Child’s play
29) Jolly Roger One

30) Runaway
31) First strike
32) Terrabomb
33) Doppelganger
34) Timewarp
35) Space cyclops
36) Operation Zero
37) Space giant
38) Cry UFO
39) Cold finger

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