"Terrahawks" is the first of the "minor" Gerry Anderson's series... we mean that the best times were over, there was no more backing from Sir Lew Grade's ITC, and also all the best collaborators (including wife Sylvia) had gone.
Anyway Anderson did not surrender, and kept creating new ideas and seeking for money backings...
"Terrahawks" is clearly an attempt to create another series similar to "Thunderbirds": we have too a secret organisation with a fleet of futurible vehicles... but the result is definitely less remarkable.
The plot is less original: "Thunderbirds" had a strong idea (an organisation which rescued victims of very huge disasters, which could not be handled with conventional means), "Terrahawks" is more common: another alien invasion (already seen in "Captain Scarlet" and "U.F.O"), and an organisation set up to fight it.
The puppets too are less appealing, proportions have gone back to the enormous heads, and faces are less simpathetic.
And maybe the worst problem: the Terrahawks themselves are quite a crap and not very believeble. The visual effects responsible Stephen Begg is not an incompetent, but his models absolutely don't have the appeal of Derek Meddings', Brian Johnson's or Mike Trim's: Thunderbirds, SPVs, Skydivers or Eagles seem to be very old remembrances.
At last, a very little interesting production.
You can notice the very poor quality of images: nobody dared to re-master the episodes, they have been transferred from VHS to DVD avoiding any waste of money... forcing me to make it as good as I could.
The episode itself isn't so thrilling: you can watch it (or read it...) but nothing more.
Maybe the most original thing is the "Zero" robot, funny and sympathetic: but it has so little space that he disappears in the general void of entertainment.
The plot. Zelda sends to Earth a monstrous creature, Sram, with a particular power: a so powerful roar which creates a terrible shockwave...
Have a good reading...

WARNING: to read the comic you need Acrobat Reader.


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