As I said in the page about this serie, this is probably the "real" science fiction.
We are really in the "twilight zone". Not necessarily spaceships, flying saucers, near or far future but the unusual which we could meet every day, unearthly situations that could destroy all what we know about our usual life.
Anybody who has read short tales by classic authors like Asimov, Bradbury, Sheckley or Brown can well understand the philosophy of this serie.
And this gives me an opportunity for an answer to those who pretend they know what is the "real science-fiction" on TV or at the movies.
The point is we can't pretend to find the absolute SF on TV or in some movies, and we can't consider a movie or a TV show looking at the share of "real SF" contained in it.
Films or TV shows are not made for the severe judgements by the critics, but to appeal, possibly, an audience large enough and have the appropriate return of money (cinema tickets, commercial spots and home video). Science fiction is often seen as a product for a small number of intellectuals, so if you want to show it on TV or in a movie you have to adjust it and made it more intelligible.
Therefore, a TV show or a movie must be judged considering how it works on screen, its success is due to several things like good script, good visual effects, good lines and, at last, a good entertainment.
In a nutshell, pure SF will hardly be seen on TV; at best, you will see a programme with SF taste.
This doesn't mean it is impossible to make good SF shows (and "Twilight" is an exemple), but if it works on screen its mission is accomplished, and whoever criticizes it only fo its "pure SF share" proves to be absolutely incompetent about cinema and TV, also if he writes on a famous SF magazine.
I had to say this: i got really fed up of reading absurde reviews about good TV shows that were not "100% SF" (a problem which occurs especially on italian magazines).
I have choosen these pages because this is, anyway, one of the best SF shows and everyone can agree.
For they are short episodes (30'), I give you a "2x1", making two episodes in the same issue.
The first, "The Odyssey of flight 33", is well known: a passenger jet flighting to New York (we have to remember that passenger jets were a real change at that time) begins to go faster and faster... reaching an unexpected place.
The second "Will the real martian please stand up", is quite humorous: after a UFO sighting, two patrolmen follow the "martian"'s footprints that lead to a diner full of customers; who will be the real martian?

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