Production: USA, 1993-2001
Cast: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, Robert Patrick, William B. Davis, Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, Annabeth Gish.

A very disturbing and paranoid series, where nothing is as it seems, and the main quote has become (through the years) “never trust anyone”.
So far U.S. sf shows had been a lot less ambiguous, the “goods” and the “bads” were very well distinguished.
Otherwise in “X-files”, created by writer Chris Carter, there are very little certainties and, from season to season, also those which were left seem to fall down. This was a new way to show sf on television, and a large number of series (especially from USA) were inspired by this.
The basic idea is simple and intriguing. There is a large number of cold cases, where FBI  is not able to find an explanation, unless they consider paranormal, occultism, ufology or other non-official sciences.  These cases are known as “x-files”. The man who investigates on x-files is agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), called “spooky” by his colleagues.
Mulder’s interest in x-files has an explanation: he is convinced that his sister, disappeared many years before, has been kidnapped by aliens. And he thinks that x-
files are his best chance to know what really happened to his sister, if not to find her.
Mulder’s chiefs apparently are not so interested as he is, and decide to send a colleague to help him, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson). Scully is a doctor and has an absolutely scientific mind: the FBI seniors think she is the ideal person to slow Mulder’s urge for paranormal investigations and to impartially judge all what she will see (and make, without telling to Mulder, minute reports).
But Scully’s scientific certainties soon fall: Mulder shows her a world made of unexplicable facts, monstrous creatures, aliens from other planets, good or evil beings, and all what usual sciences have never been able to explain. Soon Scully has to change her mind about her colleague, and becomes his trusted
Another trouble comes together with more and more disturbing (and frightening) cases: because the real reason for which the FBI tries to frustrate Mulder’s investigations seems to be not scepticism, but the will to bury unconvenient truths.
So, together with classical sf subjects as monsters and supernatural powers, we find also conspiration theories, and among Mulder and Scully’s enemies we start to find also their own heads and colleagues.
The very first is “the smoking man” (William B. Davis), who, in the first two season, appeared simply as someone who knew and did not talk, but then is exposed as a key man in hiding and frustrating lots of investigations, and among the responsibles of the conspiracy between humans and aliens against Earth
people. Fortunately the two agents are helped by the deputy director of FBI Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), who becomes more important as the series proceed, and tries to protect his agents as he can, managing to stay in line with his given orders.
In the first season a man called “deep throat” (Jerry Hardin) appears, he is firmly intentioned to telll all what he knows, and that’s why he is murdered.
In the second season Scully is kidnapped, it is not clear if the kidnappers are aliens or government agents. A new informer called “Mr. X” (Steven Williams) appears, and in the last episode Mulder discovers that his father was part of a conspiracy where government dealed with aliens.
Sometimes appear also three strange hackers named “the lone gunmen”: John
Byres (Bruce Harwood), Melvin Frohike (Tom Braidwood), and Ringo Langly (Dean Haglund), Mulder’s old friends who sometimes help him in his investigations. “The lone gunmen” was also a brief spin-off serie in 2001, which lasted 13 episodes only.
During the third season new details about Scully’s kidnapping are exposed, and for the first time a lethal alien virus called “black cancer” is discovered.
In the fourth season Scully is taken ill by a brain cancer and we worry for her life, and in the last episode there is a stunning twist: government made people believe in aliens to hide more disturbing truths…
In the fifth season a woman called Cassandra Spender (Veronica Cartwright, seen also in “Alien”) appears, she was kidnapped by aliens several times and she is
mother of another FBI agent, Jeffrey Spender (Chris Owens).
halfway between the fifth and the sixth season it was released also a cinema movie, where the two lead characters investigate about an alien virus (fighting, as usual, against FBI conspiracies), helped by a mysterious doctor played by Martin Landau (“Space: 1999” former commander Koenig).
In the sixth season appears a new colleague, Diana Fowley (Mimi Rogers) who unfortunately trusts more the “smoking man” than Mulder and Scully… in the last episode Mulder discovers an ancient manufact which causes him strange disorders… the solution will be found in the seventh season, always avoiding the “smoking man”’s threat.
In the “Millennium” episode we meet the main character of the other Chris Carter
serie, agent Frank Black (Lance Henriksen)! The last episode of the “Millennium” serie (born three years after “X-files”) had been aired six months before.
In the Eighth season Mulder, kidnapped by aliens at the end of the previous season, is missing, and Scully works together with agent John Doggett (Robert Patrick, the T-1000 from “Terminator 2”).
Now Doggett is the sceptical, while Scully introduces him to the X-files world. There is also a new woman agent, Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish). Mulder will come back in the last episodes, while Scully, who was pregnant since the end of the previous season, will give birth to her baby.
In the ninth and last season it’s Doggett and Reyes who mainly investigate:
Scully has become a university teacher, but she goes on helping her colleagues. Mulder has to defend himself from a large number of enemies, while Scully’s baby grows: Mulder is probably his father thanks to artificial insemination, but it is not certain.
But his parents were used by aliens for experiments, and he is considered dangerous: Scully will be forced to entrust him to someone else.
In the last episode many mysteries are exposed, many others remain opened, and many things are made clear about the real nature of the relationship between Mulder and Scully (and this was not a secondary importance element of suspence….!).
A mytical serie, a so huge success that at the time media talked about “X-

The length was notable (nine seasons), and always with very good ratings (while other famous series like “Star Trek” or “Doctor Who” had their critical moments).
Anyway, also “X-files” grew old in the end: its conspiracy teories became more and more complicate, and the serie had become very difficult to be understanded by people who did not watch it since the first seasons.
In year 2008 a new cinema movie, “I want to believe” has been released.

202 episodi, colore, 60'

First season

The Pilot
2) Deep Throat
3) Squeeze
4) Conduit
5) The Jersey Devil

6) Shadows
7) Ghost in the Machine
8) Ice
9) Space
10) Fallen Angel
11) Eve
12) Fire
13) Beyond the Sea

14) Gender Bender
16) Young at Heart
17) E.B.E.
18) Miracle
19) Shapes
20) Darkness Falls
21) Tooms
22) Born Again
23) Roland
24) The Erlenmeyer Flask

Second season

25) Little Green Men
26) The Host
27) Blood
28) Sleepless
29) Duane Barry
30) Ascension
31) 3
32) One Breath
33) Firewalker
34) Red Museum
35) Excelsius Dei
36) Aubrey
37) Irresistible
38) Die Hand Die Verletzt
39) Fresh Bones
40) Colony
41) End Game
42) Fearful Symmetry
43) Dod Kalm
44) Humbug
45) The Calusari
46) F. Emasculata
47) Soft Light
48) Our Town
49) Anasazi

Third season

50) The Blessing Way
51) Paper Clip
52) D.P.O.
53) Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
54) The List
55) 2Shy
56) The Walk
57) Oubliette
58) Nisei
59) 731
60) Revelations
61) War of the Coprophages
62) Syzygy
63) Grotesque
64) Piper Maru
65) Apocrypha
66) Pusher
67) Teso Dos Bichos
68) Hell Money
69) Jose Chung's From Outer Space
70) Avatar
71) Quagmire
72) Wetwired
73) Talitha Cumi

Fourth season

74) Herrenvolk
75) Unruhe
76) Home
77) Teliko
78) The Field Where I Died
79) Sanguinarium
80) Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man
81) Paper Hearts
82) Tunguska
83) Terma
84) El Mundo Gira
85) Kaddish
86) Never Again
87) Leonard Betts
88) Memento Mori
89) Unrequited
90) Tempus Fugit
91) Max
92) Synchrony
93) Small Potatoes
94) Zero Sum
95) Elegy
96) Demons
97) Gethsemane

Quinta stagione

98) Unusual Suspects
99) Redux I
100) Redux II
101) Detour
102) Christmas Carol
103) Post-Modern Prometheus
104) Emily
105) Kitsunegari
106) Schizogeny
107) Chinga
108) Kill Switch

109) Bad Blood
110) Patient X
111) The Red and the Black
112) Travelers
113) Mind's Eye
114) All Souls
115) The Pine Bluff Variant
116) Folie a Deux
117) The End

X-files: The movie - A movie shot for big screen. The story takes place
between the fifth and the sixth season, but the movie was released during the seventh season in year 2000.

Sixth season

118) The Beginning
119) Drive
120) Triangle
121) Dreamland
122) Dreamland II
123) Terms of Endearment
124) The Rain King
125) How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
126) Tithonus
127) S.R. 819
128) Two Fathers
129) One Son
130) Arcadia
131) Agua Mala
132) Monday
133) Alpha
134) Trevor
135) Milagro
136) Three of a Kind
137) The Unnatural
138) Field Trip
139) Biogenesis

Seventh season

140) The Sixth Extinction
141) The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati
142) Hungry
143) Millennium
144) Rush
145) The Goldberg Variation
146) Orison
147) The Amazing Maleeni
148) Signs & Wonders
149) Sein Und Zeit
150) Closure
151) X-Cops
152) First Person Shooter
153) Theef
154) En Ami
155) Chimera
156) All things
157) Brand X
158) Hollywood A.D.
159) Fight Club
160) Je Souhaite
161) Requiem

Eigth season
162) Within
163) Without
164) Patience
165) Roadrunners
166) Invocation
167) Redrum
168) Via Negativa
169) Surekill
170) Salvage
171) Badlaa
172) The Gift
173) Medusa
174) Per Manum
175) This is Not Happening
176) DeadAlive
177) Three Words
178) Empedocles
179) Vienen
180) Alone
181) Essence
182) Existence
Ninth season

183) Nothing important Happened Today
184) Nothing important Happened Today II
185) Dæmonicus
186) 4 D
187) Lord of the Flies
188) Trust N. 1
189) John Doe
190) Hellbound
191) Provenance
192) Providence
193) Audrey Pauley
194) Underneath
195) Improbable
196) Scary Monster
197) Jump the Shark
198) William
199) Release
200) Sunshine Days
201) The Truth I
202) The Truth II

X-files: I want to believe - movie for the big screen.


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