Although he also supervised special effects, George Pal was above all a film producer and director.
He was the first to produce science fiction movies always with high production values and stinning visual effects (which won four Academy awards).
Until then visual effects had been used only when necessary for particular movies like “King Kong”, while Pal often used them also for best entertainment. He also hired people like Hermann Oberth and Ray Harryhausen to have always the better results, but anyway he made a clever use of effects: he could recognize when it was better to allow characters and dialogue and when special effects could be more useful.
His first movie “Destination Moon” released in 1950 was really amazing for viewers, and also contained a large number of technical solutions which later would have been used not only by many following movies, but also by real astronauts. 


1950: Destination Moon (Oscar)
1951: When worlds collide (Oscar)
1953: The war of the worlds (Oscar)
1955: The conquest of space (Oscar)
1960: The time machine
1961: Atlantis, the lost continent
1967: The power
1974: Doc Savage, man of bronze