Production: USA, 1996-99
Cast: Lance Henriksen, Megan Gallagher, Bill Smitrovich, Brittany Tiplady, Terry O’Quinn, Klea Scott, Kristen Cloke.

Series created by the “X-files” creator Chris Carter.
Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) is an FBI agent skilled in finding serial killers. He can even “read” the assassins minds, and has “flashes” which allow him to find the right track.
But when he receives an anonimous letter containing
photographs of his wife Catherine (Megan Gallagher) and his little daughter Jordan (Brittany Tiplady), he prefers to resign and go back to his birth city, Seattle, to have safety and peace for him and his family.
Here he meets an old police collegue, Lt.
Bob Bletcher (Bill Smitrovich), and a mysterious man called Peter Watts (Terry O’Quinn) who involves him in a secret policemen organisation called “Millennium”, whose purpose is to find serial killers at any cost and fight the evil which wants to conquer the world, with the third millennium coming (it is not many years to 2000).
These assassins in Black’s nightmares are lucid maniacs, who whish to purificate the world by a fanatic moralist project, investigations happen in dark, disturbing and rather unreal environments, and the whole thing recalls the famous movie

In the second season Black discovers that “Millennium”’s purposes are not very clean, and that his little daughter Jordan possesses his powers too.
In the last episode Black is even affected by plague; unfortunately, Catherine too is affected, and goes in the woods to die as far as she can from her husband and her daughter, who remain alone and astonished.
In the third season Black leaves Millennium and works again with FBI, helped by agent Emma Hollis (Klea Scott), and they continue their investigations meeting again, unwillingly, Watts and his organisation.
In the last episode paranoia is overwhelming (in typical Chris Carter Style), and Black, Hollis and Watts find themselves one against the other in search of
a schizoid assassin who is almost impossible to catch, while responsibilities and dark sides of  Millennium come out more and more.
Black decides to leave FBI, while Hollis joins Millennium. Discovering Watts possessing files about him and his daughter, Black runs away with Jordan, facing an uncertain destiny.
The final episode appeared as the fourth episode of the seventh season of “X-files”.
The title is exactly “Millennium”, and Black, placed in a mental home, waiting for a positive verdict for his daughter’s parenthood, collaborates with Mulder and Scully to stop a former Millennium agent intentioned to provoke the Armageddon. At the third millennium’s midnight, Black is free to say goodbye to Mulder and

Scully and go with his daughter.
In this serie Chris Carter wanted a more mature view of the world than X-files’ one, and did all he could to have Lance Henriksen in the lead role, for he was older and more melancholic than David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.
Lance Henriksen was already known in movies, appeared in “Terminator” and “Aliens”.
Terry O’Quinn, playing Peter Watts, became very popular ten years later playing John Locke in “Lost”.
It is not clear why the serie was cancelled: audience and critics were always good. Maybe the real coming of third millennium could have wasted  its atmosphere?

67 episodes, color, 50’

First season

1) Who cares?
2) Geenna
3) Dead letters
4) Kingdom come
5) The judge
6) 522666

7) Blood relatives

8) The well worn lock
9) Wide open
10) Weeds
11) The wild and the innocent
12) Loin like a hunting flame
13) Force majeure
14) The thin white line
15) Sacrament
16) Walkabout
17) Covenant
18) Lamentation - I

19) Powers, principalities, thrones and dominions – II
20) Broken world
21) Maranatha
22) Paper dove

Second season

23) The beginning and the end
24) Beware of the dog
25) Sense and antisense
26) Monster

27) A single blade of grass
28) The curse of Frank Black
29) 19:19
30) The hand of Saint Sebastian
31) Jose Chung's doomsday defense
32) Midnight of the century
33) Goodbye Charlie
34) Luminary
35) The Mikado
36) The pest house
37) Owls - I

38) Roosters- II
39) Siren
40) In arcadia ego
41) Anamnesis
42) A room with no view
43) Somehow, Satan got behind me
44) The fourth horseman - I
45) The time is now – II

Third season

46) The innocents - I
47) Exegesis - II
48) Teotwawki
49) Closure
50) ...Thirteen years later
51) Skulls and bones
52) Through a glass, darkly
53) Human essence
54) Omerta
55) Borrowed time
56) Collateral damage

57) The sound of snow
58) Antipas
59) Matryoshka)
60) Forcing the end
61) Saturn dreaming of mercury
62) Darwin's Eye
63) Bardo Thodol
64) Seven and one
65) Nostalgia
66) Via dolorosa - I
67) Goodbye to all that – II

68) Millennium (id., “X-files” episode)


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