Production: USA, 1989-93
Cast: Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell.

A series about time travel where time travel is only an excuse to show completely different things.
Series like “Doctor Who” or “The time tunnel” are about fantastic voyages in time and space, struggling against aliens, monsters or just the great historic facts, here the main character founds himself only into the human life problems, and tries to do his best to help the people he meets (something similar to “The incredible Hulk”).
Scientist Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) is doing researches about time travel. But just as he is reaching a good result, the government stops
to give him funds, and he decides to test his time accelerator despite it is not finished, in a desperate attempt to save the project. The result is that he begins to jump in time randomly and without any control.
This series has a particular feature: every time Sam replaces a person who has a more or less serious problem to solve, and everybody believes he is “that” person and can’t see his real appearance and who he is really.
Helping him in some way in this endless voyage there is an hologram of commodore Al Calavicci (Dean Stockwell), who tries to give him some help and advice (which are not always reliable, forcing Sam to decide on his own).
The time jumps are never very important: usually Sam moves between the fifties and the eighties. Anyway there’s an episode taking place in 1945 and even one in 1862, a real hit…

Sam also meets two historical people like Marilyn Monroe and Lee Harvey Oswald, but he can’t do anything to change their destiny.
During the series Sam realizes he makes a jump every time he does a good action or solves some problems (and watchers had understood that very much before him…).
He also discovers the existence of evil women who travel in time too to spread kaos and pain.
In year 2001 Scott Bakula had the important role of Captain Archer in “Star Trek: Enterprise”.
The serie was a good success and won two Golden Globes.
In year 2005 there were rumors about a TV movie, where Sam’s daughter begun a voyage to seek her father. But there was nothing real,

because Scott Bakula, who was supposed to have a little apparition in it, knew absolutely nothing about that.

97 episodes, color, 60’

First season

1) Genesis – part I 
2) Genesis – part II 
3) Star-Crossed
4) The Right of God
5) How the Tess Was Won

6) Double Identity
7) The Color of Truth
8) Camikazi Kid
9) Play It Again, Seymour

Second season

10) Honeymoon Express
11) Disco Inferno
12) The Americanization of Machiko
13) What Price Gloria?

14) Blind Faith
15) Good Morning, Peoria
16) Thou Shalt Not...

17) Jimmy
18) So Help Me God
19) Catch A Falling Star
20) A Portrait for Troian
21) Animal Frat
22) Another Mother
23) All Americans
24) Her Charm

25) Freedom
26) Good Night, Dear Heart
27) Pool Hall Blues
28) Leaping in Without a Net
29) Maybe Baby
30) Sea Bride
31) M.I.A.

Third season

32) The Leap Home – part I 

33) The Leap Home – part II 
34) Leap of Faith
35) One Strobe over the Line
36) The Boogieman
37) Miss Deep South
38) Black On White On Fire
39) The Great Spontini
40) Rebel Without a Clue
41) A Little Miracle
42) Runaway
43) 8 1/2 Months

44) Future Boy
45) Private Dancer
46) Piano Man
47) Southern Comforts
48) Glitter Rock
49) A Hunting Will We Go
50) Last Dance Before An Execution
51) Heart of a Champion
52) Nuclear Family
53) Shock Theater


Fourth season

54) The Leap Back
55) Play Ball
56) Hurricane
57) Justice
58) Permanent Wave
59) Raped
60) The Wrong Stuff
61) Dreams
62) A Single Drop of Rain

63) Unchained
64) The Play's the Thing
65) Running For Honor
66) Temptation Eyes
67) The Last Gunfighter
68) A Song for the Soul
69) Ghost Ship
70) Roberto!
71) It's A Wonderful Leap
72) Moments to Live
73) The Curse of Ptah-Hotep

74) Stand Up
75) A Leap for Lisa

Fifth season

76) Lee Harvey Oswald – part I
77) Lee Harvey Oswald – part II
78) Leaping of the Shrew
79) Nowhere to Run
80) Killin' Time
81) Star Light, Star Bright

82) Deliver Us From Evil
83) Trilogy Part I
84) Trilogy Part II
85) Trilogy Part III
86) Promised Land
87) A Tale of Two Sweeties
88) Liberation
89) Dr. Ruth
90) Blood Moon
91) Return of the Evil Leaper
92) Revenge of the Evil Leaper

93) Goodbye Norma Jean
94) The Beast Within
95) The Leap Between The States
96) Memphis Melody
97) Mirror Image



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