Production: USA, 2001- 2005

Cast: Scott Bakula, Jolene Blalock, John Billingsley,  Dominic Keating, Anthony "A.T." Montgomery, Linda Park, Connor Trinneer

In year 2001 “Star Trek Voyager” was ending too, while “DS9” had already ended.
Trekkers could have been condemned to a life made of
remembrances: “Next Generation” spins-off had lost their attractive, a total new idea was needed. So they thought about a prequel-serie, which would have shown alla what had happened even before the original serie. An age when Starfleet existed since a few years and Federation did not exist at all, which means 150 years before captain Kirk’s adventures.
The “Enterprise” is the first Earth spaceship which can make interstellar voyages, is much smaller than the original serie’s Enterprise (with a 87 people crew instead of 430), doesn’t have “phasers” yet (but hey will arrive soon), and the famous transporter beam is in its first steps (used only for objects, not people). There are not the shields, the ship is simply armoured to defend itself from enemy attacks. Things are even worser because the ship is launched three months ahead of schedule, and the

crew is often in trouble handling totally new tecnology and situations.
Also roles and duties of the crew are not always clear, and interstellar space is totally unexplored (at Kirk’s time many planetary systems are already known, so that a “Federation” exists…): in a nutshell, we can see the primitive chaos which led to the well-known “Star Trek” universe.
The famous vulcans are already known thanks to the first interstellar trip made by scientist Zephram Cochrane (the warp engines inventor, already seen or quoted in the previous series), but their mistrust of earthmen (not reliables because not rational enough) prevented them from sharing their technology, which obviously created some tension.
Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula, already seen in “Quantum Leap”) is an
experienced commander, but this is the first time he is in command of an interstellar ship, so he finds himself by first in a totally new situation. He dislikes vulcans for their prejudices towards humans, and well knows the importance of his assignement.
First officer T’Pol (Jolene Blalok) is a vulcan woman. Vulcans absolutely asked for her presence aboard in change of some stellar maps, necessary to navigation. She mistrusts humans, and crew mistrust her: a really more difficult situation compared with the innocent quarrels between mr. Spock and dr. McCoy.
Dr. Phlox (John Billingsley) is another alien who was in San Francisco when the Enterprise was launched. His purpose on Earth was a period of studies

about human anathomy, he has to board the ship to assist a patient and then remains.
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed (Dominic Keating) is the officer responsible for arms, always facing new and malfunctioning devices, always ready to invent new paraphernalia.
Black ensign Travis Mayweather (Anthony A.T. Montgomery), the Enterprise’s pilot, is the youngest officer of the crew, but space has been his nursery: his parents were on duty on spaceships too, also if warp speed did not exist yet. Although an interstellar voyage is a totally new thing, he feels perfectly fit aboard.
On the contrary, ensign Hoshi Sato (Linda Park), responsible for communications, doesn’t feel so comfortable. She is a skilled interpreter, and is often forced to fix the malfunctionings of the universal translater, which has to be improved like a lot of other things.

Commander Charlie Tucker (Connor Trinneer) is the chief engineer. Corageous and indifferent to risks, in a certain way is very similar to captain Archer, and is one of the reference men of the ship.
Although the serie was a real change, showing the origins of  “Star Trek” universe, on the other hand it did not succeed in regaining the usual popularity of the franchise. Moreover, rumors said that lots of watchers downloaded it from web, frustrating all the commercial results. So the serie was cancelled after four seasons only.

96 episodes, colour, 60’

First Season

1) Broken Bow - Part I 
2) Broken Bow - Part II     
3)  Fight or Flight 
4) Strange New World
5) Unexpected 
6) Terra Nova
7) The Andorian Incident
8) Breaking the ice
9) Civilization
10) Fortunate Son
11)Cold Front
12) Silent Enemy
13) Dear Doctor
14) Shadows of P'Jem
15) Sleeping Dogs
16) Shuttlepod One
17) Fusion
18) Rogue Planet
19) Acquisition
20) Oasis
21) Detained
22) Vox Sola
23) Fallen Hero
24) Desert Crossings
25) Two Days And Two Nights
26) Shockwave - Part I 

Second Season

27) Shockwave - Part II 
28) Carbon Creek 
29) Minefield 
30) Dead Stop 
31) A night in sickbay 

32) Marauders 
33) The Seventh
34) The Communicator
35) Singularity
36) Vanishing Point
37) Precious Cargo
38) The Catwalk
39) Dawn
40) Stigma
41) Cease Fire
42) Future Tense
43) Canamar
44) The Crossing
45) Judgment
46) Horizon
47) The Breach
48) Cogenitor
49) Regeneration
50) First Flight
51) Bounty
52) The Expanse
Third Season

53) The Xindi
54) Anomaly
55) Extinction
56) Rajiin
57) Impulse
58) Exile
59) The Shipment
60) Twilight
61) North Star
62) Similitude
63) Carpenter Street
64) Chosen Realm 
65) Prooving Ground 
66) Stratagem 
67) Harbinger 
68) Doctor's Orders 
69) Hatchery 
70) Azati Prime  
71) Damage  
72) The Forgotten  
73) E2 
74) The Council  
75) Countdown 
76) Zero hour 

Fourth Season

77) Storm Front - Part I  
78) Storm Front - Part I
79) Home 
80) Borderland 
81) CS-12
82) The Augments
83) The Forge
84) Awakening 
85) Kir'Shara 
86) Daedalus 
87) Observer effect 
88) Babel One 
89) United 

90) The Aenar 
91) Affliction
92) Divergence 
93) Bound 
94) In a mirror, Darkly - part I

95) In a mirror, Darkly - part II
96) Demons
97) Terra Prime 

98) These are the Voyages


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