Production: USA, 1995-2001
Cast: Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Tim Russ, Roxann Biggs-Dawson, Robert Duncan McNeill, Garrett Wang, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, Jennifer Lien (first three seasons), Jeri Ryan (since fourth season).

When “Star Trek: The Next Generation” was close to end, producers began to think about a new serie. Until then the idea of two parallel series (the other was “Deep Space 9”) had worked, so they wanted to go on the same way.
DS9 took place on a space station, so the new serie had to be focused on space exploration again. But with two new ideas: the first was that the ship (no more called “Enterprise” but “Voyager”) did not simply explore space, but had been thrown by chance in a remote and unknown region of space. So its mission had simply become “finding the way back home” (not a particularly original idea, if we mention, for example, “Lost in Space” or “Space: 1999”).
The second new idea was a woman captain. At first the role was assigned to actress Geneviève Bujold, but she left the set after a few days, rumors said she was incompatible with her character.
So captain Kathryn Janeway was played by Kate Mulgrew.
In the first episode Federation ship “Voyager” is pursuing a “maquis” ship: maquis are

rebel Federation officers who have created a renegade army to defend human colonies from the always wary cardassians (the alien villains already seen in “DS9”).
Due to a space warp phenomenon, the Voyager and the maquis ship are thrown 70,000 light-years far from Federation space. The two crews are forced to team-up for the long voyage to their home planets. During this long voyage they will face several dangers and meet various alien races.
As said, in command of the “Voyager” there is captain Kathryn Janeway, a woman absolutely fit for her duty, but no lacking of femininity.
First officer is commander Chakotay (Robert Beltran). A red indian, he comes from the maquis ship crew pursued by Voyager. Possessing a honour code as a real warrior, he is absolutely trusted by his crew.
Security chief is vulcan Tuvok (Tim Russ). Confronting with famous mr. Spock of the original serie, Tuvok has an even more solid logic, being completely vulcan and not half human like Spock.
Chief engineer is a woman again: B’Elanna Torres (Roxann Biggs-Dawson), too coming from the maquis ship.
Voyager’s pilot is young Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill), rebel and impulsive, who once had too been one of the maquis, and has been assigned to the Voyager because captain Janeway trusted his skillness.
Scientific and communications officer is ensign Harry Kim (Garrett Wang), a character half way between original serie lieutenant Sulu (he is oriental too) and ensign Chekov (he is too a young and little experienced ensign).

But the most interesting character of the serie, like Spock from the original serie and Data from “Next Generation” , is “the Doctor” (Robert Picardo): he is not an alien or an android, but even a simple hologram projected by the ship computer. Programmed to replace the ship’s doctor in case of emergency, after the “human” doctor’s death in the first episode he is forced to become the new medical officer. Anyway its program is able to “learn”, so he can build a personality and a memory of its own.
Finally there are two more aliens (engaged too): Neelix (Ethan Phillips), the comic character of the show, and Kes (Jennifer Lien), a girl possessing strong telepathic powers. At the end of third season, anyway, writers thought that Kes was no more functional with the show, and replaced her with another character who
became very popular: Seven-of-Nine (Jeri Ryan), a very beautiful borg girl. Oddly, Jeri Ryan did not like the character and should have played it only for four episodes. Long negotiations were needed to convince her to stay in the Voyager’s crew.
So, at the beginning of the fourth season Kes developed highly strong  telepathic powers, forcing the crew to abandone her on a planet because she had become too dangerous for anyone.
Voyager’s success was not as great as the previous series, and it looked as “Star Trek” franchise had begun simply to keep going.  

172 episodes, colour, 60’
First Season

1) Caretaker - part I
2) Caretaker - part II
3) Parallax
4) Time and Again
5) Phage
6) The Cloud
7) Eye of the Needle
8) Ex Post Facto
9) Emanations
10) Prime Factors
11) State of Flux
12) Heroes and Demons
13) Cathexis
14) Faces
15) Jetrel
16) Learning Curve
17) Projections
18) Elogium
19) Twisted
20) The 37's

Second Season

21) Initiations
22) Non Sequitur
23) Parturition
24) Persistence of Vision
25) Tattoo
26) Cold Fire
27) Maneuvers
28) Resistance

29) Prototype
30) Death Wish
31) Alliances
32) Threshold
33) Meld
34) Dreadnought
35) Investigations
36) Lifesigns
37) Deadlock
38) Innocence
39) The Thaw
40) Tuvix
41) Resolutions
42) Basics - Part I

Third Season

43) Sacred Ground
44) False Profits
45) Flashback
46) Basics - Part II
47) The Chute
48) Remember
49) The Swarm
50) Future's End - Part I
51) Future's End - Part II
52) Warlord
53) The Q and the Grey
54) Macrocosm
55) Alter Ego
56) Fair Trade
57) Blood Fever
58) Coda
59) Unity
60) Rise
61) Darkling
62) Favorite Son
63) Before and After
64) Real Life
65) Distant Origin
66) Displaced
67) Worst Case Scenario
68) Scorpion - Part I

Fourth Season

69) Scorpion - Part II
70) The Gift
71) Nemesis
72) Day of Honor
73) Revulsion
74) The Raven
75) Scientific Method
76) Year of Hell - Part I
77) Year of Hell - Part II

78) Random Thoughts
79) Concerning Flight
80) Mortal Coil
81) Message in a Bottle
82) Waking Moments
83) Hunters
84) Prey
85) Retrospect
86) The Killing Game - Part I
87) The Killing Game - Part II
88) Vis à Vis

89) The Omega Directive (Direttiva omega)
90) Unforgettable (Indimenticabile)
91) Living Witness (Testimone oculare)
92) Demon (Demone)
93) One (Sola)
94) Hope and Fear (Speranza e paura)

Fifth Season

95) Night
96) Drone

97) Extreme Risk
98) In the Flesh
99) Once Upon a Time
100) Nothing Human
101) Timeless
102) Thirty Days
103) Infinite Regress
104) Counterpoint
105) Gravity
106) Latent Image
107) Bride of Chaotica!
108) The Fight
109) Bliss
110) The Disease
111) Dark Frontier - Part I
112) Dark Frontier - Part II
113) Course: Oblivion
114) Think Tank
115) Juggernaut
116) Someone to Watch Over Me
117) 11:59
118) Relativity

119) Warhead
120) Equinox - Part I

Sixth Season

121) Equinox - Part II
122) Survival Instinct
123) Barge of the Dead
124) Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
125) Dragon's Teeth
126) Alice

127) Riddles
128) One Small Step
129) The Voyager Conspiracy
130) Pathfinder
131) Fair Heaven
132) Tsunkatse
133) Blink of an Eye
134) Virtuoso
135) Collective
136) Memorial
137) Spirit Folk
138) Ashes to Ashes
139) Child's Play
140) Good Shepherd
141) The Haunting of Deck Twelve
142) Live Fast and Prosper
143) Fury
144) Muse
145) Life Line
146) Unimatrix Zero - Part I

Seventh Season

147) Unimatrix Zero - Part II
148) Imperfection
149) Drive
150) Critical Care
151) Repression
152) Inside Man
153) Flesh and Blood - Part I
154) Flesh and Blood - Part II
155) Body and Soul
156) Nightingale

157) Shattered
158) Lineage
159) Repentence
160) Prophecy
161) The void
162) Workforce - Part I
163) Workforce - Part II
164) Human Error
165) Q2
166) Author, author
167) Friendship One
168) Natural law
169) Homestead
170) Renaissance Man
171) End Game - Part I
172) End Game - Part II


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