Production: USA, 1993-2000
Cast: Avery Brooks, Nana Visitor, Armin Shimerman, Siddig El Fadil, Renè Auberjonois, Terry Farrel, Cirroc Lofton, Colm Meaney.

First show of the Star Trek franchise produced after Gene Roddenberry’s death. Being made at the same time of “Next Generation”, it needed a different story, placed at the same time but no more based upon space travel.
”Deep Space 9” is a huge space station (something like a space city) orbiting around planet Bajor, which has just ended a long and bloody war against the cardassian dominators (the alien villains of the serie, quite similar to the original series klingons).
Originally the station had been built by the cardassians: now it has been given to the Federation (and to bajorans) to watch that strategic zone of space, where also exists a “warp tunnel” which can transfer any ship to the opposite side of the galaxy, and could be used by possible invaders.
Apart from all the military and diplomatic troubles of a similar situation, the DS9 is a real open city where all races from any planet can meet, which increases the possibility of incidents and internal security problems.
The station’s commander is a black (another achievement in overcoming racial

prejudices, in the best Star Trek tradition), captain Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks). Sisko is still upset by his wife’s death, for which he considers captain Picard responsible (see “Next Generation”).
First officer is major Kyra Nerys (Nana Visitor). She comes from bajorian resistance army, so she is deeply suspicious and full of prejudices towards her old enemies, the cardassians.
But the ultimate alien of the show is security chief Odo (René Auberjonois), a shape-changer and the last of his race, who is the first to be unaware of his origins. Logic and rational as mr. Spock was, he can change his shape as he likes, and his usual human appearance is due only to practical needs.

Another alien is Quark (Armin Shimerman), the station’s bar keeper. He is a ferengi,
and a very skillful trader very close to the illegal point, as most of the ferengi do.
Lieutenant Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell) is a symbiont, an alien parasite who lives in a girl’s body. In the last season he changes host and name: at the end of sixth season Jadzia dies and Dax (the parasite) finds his ninth host in Ezri (Nicole DeBoer). The real cause is, of course, the end of Terry Farrell’s contract.
We see again also the klingon lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn), already seen in “Next Generation”, who here is also Jadzia’s husband.
Completely human is dr. Bashir (Siddig El Fadil), the station’s medical officer. He is young and impulsive, but his medical skills are out of question.
Another character coming from “Next Generation” is irish technical chief Miles O’Brien (Colm Meaney), who in the previous show was a transporter beam officer,

while here his role is quite similar to original serie’s engineer Scott.
Finally there is Jake Sisko, captain’s adolescent son, who has all the doubts and troubles of his teens, of his orphan condition, and of the solitude and bewilderment caused by that place so far from Earth.
It is very interesting to point that most of the characters are aliens, so audience forget their bizarre appearance and concentrate on their different personalities.
There are not only characters from other Star Trek series, but also references and quotes: for example, in the episodes “Through the looking glass” and “Shattered mirror”, take place in the parallel universe visited by captain Kirk in the original serie, where the Federation was a wary empire and its officers were savage pirates.

Moreover, in the episode “Trials and tribble-ations” Sisko and his men , forced  to a time travel, infiltrate in the original “Enterprise” and act together with the characters of the original serie episode “The trouble with tribbles”, thanks to the magic of digital graphic.

176 episodes, colour, 60'

First Season

1) Emissary - Part I
2) Emissary - Part II

3) Past Prologue
4) A Man Alone
5) Babel
6) Captive Pursuit
7) Q-Less
8) Dax
9) The Passenger
10) Move Along Home
11) The Nagus
12) Vortex
13) Battle Lines

14) The Storyteller
15) Progress
16) If Wishes Were Horses
17) The Forsaken
18) Dramatics Personae
19) Duet
20) In the Hands of the Prophets

Second Season

21) The Homecoming

22) The Circle
23) The Siege
24) Invasive Procedures
25) Cardassians
26) Melora
27) Rules of Acquisition
28) Necessary Evil
29) Second Sight
30) Sanctuary
31) Rivals
32) The Alternate

33) Armageddon Game
34) Whispers
35) Paradise
36) Shadowplay
37) Playing God
38) Profit and Loss
39) Blood Oath
40) The Maquis - Part I
41) The Maquis - Part II
42) The Wire
43) Crossover
44) The Collaborator
45) Tribunal
46) The Jem'Hadar

Third Season

47) The Search - Part I
48) The Search - Part II
49) House of Quark
50) Equilibrium
51) Second Skin

52) The Abandoned
53) Civil Defense
54) Meridian
55) Defiant
56) Fascination
57) Past Tense - Part I
58) Past Tense - Part II
59) Life Support
60) Heart of Stone
61) Destiny
62) Prophet Motive
63) Visionary
64) Distant Voices

65) Through the Looking Glass
66) Improbable Cause
67) The Die Is Cast
68) Explorers
69) Family Business
70) Shaakar
71) Facets
72) The Adversary

Fourth Season

73) The Way of the Warrior - Part I
74) The Way of the Warrior - Part II
75) The Visitor
76) Hippocratic Oath
77) Indiscretion
78) Rejoined
79) Little Green Men
80) Starship Down
81) The Sword of Kahless
82) Our Man Bashir
83) Homefront

84) Paradise Lost
85) Crossfire
86) Return to Grace
87) The Sons of Mogh
88) The Bar Association
89) Accession
90) Rules of Engagement
91) Hard Times
92) Shattered Mirror
93) The Muse
94) For the Cause
95) To the Death
96) The Quickening
97) Body Parts
98) Broken Link

Fifth Season

99) Apocalypse Rising
100) The Ship
101) Looking for par'Mach in all the Wrong Places
102) Nor the Battle to the Strong

103) The Assigment
104) Trials and Tribble-ations
105) Let he Who Is Without Sin...
106) Things Past
107) The Ascent
108) Rapture
109) The Darkness and the Light
110) The Begotten
111) For the Uniform
112) In Purgatory's Shadow
113) By Inferno's Light

114) Doctor Bashir, I Presume
115) A Simple Investigation
116) Business as Usual
117) Ties of Blood and Water
118) Ferengi Love Songs
119) Soldiers of the Empire
120) Children of Time
121) Blaze of Glory
122) Empok Nor
123) In the Cards
124) Call to Arms

Sixth Season

125) A Time to Stand
126) Rocks and Shoals
127) Sons and Daughters
128) Behind the Lines
129) Favor the Bold
130) Sacrifice of Angels
131) You are Cordially Invited...
132) Resurrection

133) Statistical Probabilities
134) The Magnificent Ferengi
135) Waltz
136) Who Mourns for Morn?
137) Far Beyond the Stars
138) One Little Ship
139) Honor Amongst Thieves
140) Change of Heart
141) Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night
142) Inquisition
143) In the Pale Moonlight

144) His Way
145) The Reckoning
146) Valiant
147) Profit and Lace
148) Time's Orphan
149) The Sound of Her Voice
150) Tears of the Prophets

Seventh Season

151) Image in the Sand

152) Shadows and Symbols
153) Afterimage
154) Take Me Out to the Holosuite
155) Chrysalis
156) Treachery, Faith and the Great River
157) Once More Unto the Breach
158) The Siege of AR-558
159) Covenant
160) It's Only A Paper Moon
161) Prodigal Daughter
162) The Emperor's New Cloack

163) Field of Fire
164) Chimera
165) Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang
166) Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
167) Penumbra
168) Til death Do Us Part
169) Strange Bedfellows
170) The Changing Face of Evil
171) When It Rains...
172) Tacking Into the Wind
173) Extreme Measures
174) The Dogs of War
175) What You Leave Behind - Part I
176) What You Leave Behind - Part II



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