Here we go with the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton.
I have to point that this is not the second Doctor's first adventure, nor the Cybermen's first apparition... It's simply the first available episode, by chronological order...
It is a BBC responsibility, because they used to overwrite the old programmes' videotapes, and this habit caused the loss of main part of the first two doctors'adventures.
This episode is a miracle itself: in fact it was one of the erased ones, and has been incredibly found in the archives of a Hong Kong Television Station ("Doctor Who" was exported also in foreign countries) and restored.
BBC is searching all around the world any possible tape or recording of the missing episodes to restore and release them for home video.
This late regret is giving good results, fans are hoping also if the lost episodes are still a large number...
The Cybermen appeared for the first time in the episode "The tenth planet", and caused the first Doctor's death.
The Cybermen were born for a particular purpose: there was need for villains quite similar to the Daleks (which means bio-mechanical evil creatures), but able to make better movements (fans wondered how Daleks could walk on the stairs, then the problem was solved with general relief).
There's something else to say about the Cybermen. They are bio-mechanical beings, all dependant by a "leader" which controls them as a unique mind, and their target is to assimilate the other races to make other Cybermen... All this is too similar to Star Trek's Borg race, which was invented more than 20 years later... anyway, the Borg look is surely more believable, while Cybermen always look like big toys, also in their last and actual version (the fourth).
In this episode the Doctor's companions are Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling), who was adopted in the previous episode, and scottish piper Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines), who is already used to the TARDIS (and also to the Cybermen).
The Doctor and his companions meet an archaeological expedition searching for the tomb of the Cybermen... but unfortunately the Cybermen are not dead! There are some ingenuities in the story: in fact it is difficult to understand why the Doctor does not struggle so much to avoid the evil aliens'waking up...
Have a good reading.

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