After a long trip on "Star Trek" and other series, we go back to british productions.
So there's nothing better than the most "british" serie of ever, Doctor Who.
I want to give to the Doctor a good amount of space: it is the only serie which can be compared to "Star Trek" if we consider audience and time running. 26 years of continuous broadcasting, then a long stop (interrupted by a TV movie in 1996), and the new beginning, which is still going on.
Then we could say that "Star Trek" is a planetary success, while the Doctor has a mainly british audience, but the long-time running is absolutely undoubtable.
So I am well intentioned to show all the Doctors, except for the eighth who had only a TV movie.
Anyway I will alternate with other series, I don't want to be too monothematic.
I will follow a correct order, so I start with the first Doctor William Hartnell.
It would have been interesting to see the Daleks' first appearence, which made the serie's success in 1963, but the episode was really too long, and anyway it was intriguing too to see the very first episode.
This gives us also the opportunity to see how the show was first conceived, before changing to pure science-fiction.
"Doctor Who" had to be a docudrama, a fictional story taking place during an historical period, becoming a sort of history lesson for viewers. The time machine idea allowed the cast to move into the different ages... but then the Doctor met the Daleks and all changed.
In this episode the TARDIS lands in the prehistoric age, during the time of fire discovery. It is all very naÔve, if we consider that cavemen speak a perfect english and the main characters understand it perfectly (and this will be explained only many years later).
At first the Doctor looks as an eccentric and selfish old man, and isn't yet the main character, also if the serie has his name.
But we can already see his alien intelligence and his infinite scientific acknowledge, and the skill to escape from any trouble.
In this episode we can also see the failure of TARDIS' chameleon circuit: the time machine doesn't disguise with the environment and mantains its police box shape: simply an excuse to mantain the shape during the serie...
In the dialogues we can hear a gag about the Doctor's name: whenever somebody calls him "Doctor", he or somebody else answer "Doctor who?"
This joke made some sense in the first part of the serie, when the Doctor was a mysterious being: as the serie went on, al people accepted him without making questions about his name.
And now the story: Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright are teachers of a secondary school in London, and are astonished by the incredible intelligence of one of their pupils, Susan.
They try to investigate about her family, and discover that she lives with her grandfather in an old police box... which is very larger inside than outside!
Fed up with Ian's scepticism, the old man, who is called "Doctor" by everyone, starts what is discovered to be a time machine, taking everybody in the prehistoric age.
The Doctor and the others are taken prisoners by a tribe of cavemen who have lost the secret of fire. There's also a struggle for power in the tribe, so who will be able to make fire again wull be the new leader...
Now you will see the first two parts of the story, the remaining two will be added in two months time.

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